Android is a Linux-based open-source mobile operating system developed by Google. In today’s world of progressing digital technologies, the concept of android app programming has come into notice of many students while selecting their graduation subjects. This intriguing feeling of learning more on the concept comes to an end when they’re asked to submit timely assignments. It is not only tiresome but also complicated to write these assignments as they require intensive research.

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Just like any other programming subject, android app programming also contains a vast array of sub concepts. These sub-concepts are then divided into many topics ranging from the least complicated to the hardly understood ones. For an instance, topics like Features of Android and Android Framework form the basics of the subject. On the other hand, Delphi and AndroWish are more complex topics. Our assignment experts offer assistance on all the mentioned topics and more.

Following are a few examples that will help you understand the wide range of topics that we cover

Android Menu

There exist three major types of android menus namely popup, contextual and options. Students are made to first understand the basics of all these types and are likely to opt for the one which they enjoy learning the most. Assignments on this topic could be wordy if asked to differentiate between the three menu types, their attributes, features and characteristics. Students are also sometimes asked to develop android menus and that’s where the trauma begins. To say the least, it demands long restless hours of practical work to create appealing and functional menus. Our Android assignment help experts have already marked their mettle in this topic and offer assistance to many students like you.

Android Notification

Notifications in android are quite self-explanatory to anyone who is familiar with using smartphones, mobiles or computers. They are displayed in an app’s UI and serve the primary purpose of notifying users with reminders, messages, etc. This is one of the fundamental topics of Android Programming and is essentially taught to students. Likewise, it also is a highly preferred topic by professors while crafting assignment topics. If you’ve been assigned any topic that falls under the category of android notifications, we would want you to know that our experts are best at what they do when it comes to writing assignments on this topic.

UI Widgets

UI Widgets or Controls in Android are small icons on the home screen that direct you to different applications on your android device. Students are expected to have a deep understanding of UI and UX in android to create widgets with ease and of quality functioning. To save you from many ruthless hours of research and planning to create a presentable assignment, we’ve UI/UX experts at our end that can write a unique assignment for you before the deadline. Our assignments are always promised to meet industry standards when it comes to the quality criteria.

Android Graphics

Graphics and animation in android are one of the most interesting topics to learn for students. However, their implementation is least preferred as it is highly complicated to understand at first and requires considerable experience. Na├»ve students fail to write comprehensive assignments on this topic as it requires some prior knowledge in the subject. If you too are struggling to get through your Android Graphics assignment, consider handing it over to our subject experts. You’ll never regret your decision of doing so as we offer premium quality assignments at a very justified cost.


Android Framework and API

An Android API (Application Programming Interface) allows interaction between multiple applications operating in an android system. The android framework is a predefined set of APIs that facilitate the task of writing android applications for developers. It consists of multiple classes and functions to design software tools and UIs which collectively forms the architecture of an app.

Data Storage

Data storage in Android is majorly of four types namely internal storage, external storage, shared preferences and SQLite database. The ground level concept of all the four storage types is separately taught to students including their merits and demerits. For instance, shared preferences are used to store only primitive data and is not widely used to persist data. Android assignment help experts at can write a unique and authentic data storage assignment for you without you having to worry about the time constraints.

Features of Android

The android operating system consists of various technical features that may include automation, widgets, alternate keyboards, intuitive UI, and no-touch control that allow developers to create applications of a versatile design. Assignment topics on this subject usually revolve around uniqueness and comparison of android with other operating systems, specifically IOS.


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