With the advent of revolution in the technology and skills, the academics and education has also transformed with time for producing a skillful workforce in Malaysia. The Universities and Colleges of Malaysia have brought a huge advancement in their curriculum in the past few decades especially in the 21st century. A major part of the curriculum involves a variety of assignments and projects which can enhance the student’s writing, cognitive and problem solving skills. Although the intentions of the universities are in favor of the highest benefit of the students, there have been times when students are unable to cope up with the intense pressure inflicted upon them in the form of numerous assignments with rigid deadlines in addition to their part time jobs and extracurricular activities taken in the university premises. Hence, students often look up for online platforms which can help them accomplish the complex task of assignment completion within the deadline. If you are also finding an appropriate platform for your university assignment completion, then ours can be considered as the best in the market. We have been providing assignment help services to students from many years with expert and skillful workforce.

Why Choose Assignmentbee.com To Write Your Assignments?

The selection of assignment helper will largely determine your grades in the class. Your academic potential will be highly influenced by your decision of the team you choose for your assignment. Here are the reasons why you should opt for assignmentbee.com for your assignment

The reasons for choosing our platform for your assignments are listed below

Satisfied Customers

Till date there have not been any customer who went into conflict with our company upon delivery of the content by our experts. Our team has always delivered high quality, authentic content to the customers. The experts choose reliable and credible sources for the content creation of your assignment. Further, the assignments are always delivered much before the deadline assigned by the customer.


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The content that we provide to our customers is always novel and hence, 100 % plagiarism free. However, in order to avoid even a trace of doubt, our team always carries out a plagiarism check on the assignments through plagiarism checker software.


High Scores Guaranteed

Assignments embedded with certain phrases, elevated examples and rich vocabulary enhances the quality of your work. Further, it adds magnificence to the content which makes it an excellent piece of writing. Our experts are trained in an appropriate manner to use a rich style of English writing for our customers for the production of meritorious content which will fetch the student high grades in the class.


Multiple Communication Mode

Complying with the availability of numerous communication services, our company is flexible with the customer’s choice of communication modes for order placement. We are available on five most commonly used communication platforms used by the public viz. Whatsapp, Gmail and web chat for customer convenience. We take up orders via all the means. The requirements for the assignment can be conveyed via any of the above mentioned communication modes. Additionally, we address all the queries of the customers in a polite and professional manner.

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Affordable cost

There are various online platforms available in the market which ensure cheaper costs for assignment services. However, in the name of cheaper prices, they usually offer poor quality content to the customers. But our company is unique in providing high quality content to the students at affordable costs. The cost of each assignment has been carefully designed by keeping in mind the tight budget of the university students. We do not believe in generating mediocre content for our customers. The quality of our services is clearly reflected in our customer’s reviews available on our website.

Get Assignment Help All Across Malaysia

Our assignment services can be availed by students all across Malaysia. We provide our services in various cities as follows

Assignment help in Kuala Lumpur

If you are a university student in Kuala Lumpur who is overwhelmed with the deadlines of assignment submission, you can avail our assignment service by placing the order on the website assignmentbee.com, or you can contact us via Gmail at [email protected]. Additionally, the customers can also connect to us via phone or Whatsapp us at +1-(647)-4992225.

Assignment help in George Town

Looking for an affordable and high quality assignment provider in George Town, Place your order at assignmentbee.com. or connect to us via phone call using +1-(647)-4992225

Assignment help in Ipoh

Are you tired of the process of daily submission process of assignments, our company has come to your rescue. We provide excellent assignment services in Ipoh. You can connect to our team via mail at [email protected] or phone call at +1-(647)-499-2225.

Assignment help in Kuching

If you are a student in Kuching who is struggling to get his/her assignments done within assigned time. Give our assignment service a try. You can conveniently place your order at assignmentbee.com or you can place your order via phone at +1-(647)-4992225.

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Students looking for error-free, original, authentic and high quality assignment services in Johor Bahru can avail our trusted assignment services at assignmentbee.com or can contact us via phone call or Whatsapp us at +1-(647)-4992225.

At assignmentbee.com we offer all sorts of academic help services

The solution to all your problems in academics is provided on our platform. We handle a vast variety of assignments for the students so that they do not have to shift between different platforms for getting their assignments done in time. The different types of assignments provided by our team include

Homework assignments have become an unavoidable part of the education curriculum in Malaysia. However, daily assignments can be highly overwhelming and frustrating for the students dealing with multiple tasks in university and colleges. Experts at assignmentbee.com are highly skilled to cater to the needs of the customers in generating quality content for the homework assignments. Moreover, originality and authenticity is always taken care of while producing content by our experts. Further, the content is plagiarism free and provided much before the deadline.


Essay writing is an indispensable part of the academics worldwide. Excellent essays can fetch students top grades and high university positions. Therefore, keeping in mind the significance of these writings, our team comprises of highly skilled and professional writers who are equipped with the skills of writing all kinds of essays viz. argumentative, compare and contrast, Descriptive essays and Analytical essays etc. Additionally, the experts can also provide our customers with the content involving report writing, case studies and article writing on multiple subjects.

Postgraduates and graduates have to go through the tiresome process of writing dissertations for acquiring the required degree. Dissertation writing is a huge task involving massive amount of literature collection, analyzing data and then compilation of the data with appropriate supporting evidences and references. This whole process can be extremely stressful for the university students. Therefore, complying with the urgency of the need of the hour, our company also provides services in dissertation writing. The content of the dissertation is generated from credible sources viz. good quality research papers, books and other supporting material from standard websites. The thesis is outlined in clearly defined sections involving introduction, review of literature, materials and methods, Results and discussions and summary etc.

Law Assignment Help

A significant part of any university curriculum involves writing of excellent quality research papers by the students. However, not every student is equipped with the fine skills of technical writing which take years to acquire. Our company comprises of highly trained Ph.D. professionals who have rich expertise in technical writing and content creation for research papers for highly rated top priority journals.


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