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    Frequently Asked Questions

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      Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-01T04:27:52+00:00
      Do you offer any discounts/concessions?2021-03-01T08:54:27+00:00

      Yes, we are providing 40% discount on the very first order. Plus we also provide a referral discount of 20% on each referral you provide.

      Why to choose to get my assignments and projects done?2021-03-01T08:56:54+00:00
      • Cover 100+ subjects.
      • 24* 7 customer support
      • Unlimited revisions
      • Affordable prices
      • 500+ Ph.D. experts
      • Can check draft of work before final payment
      What are the various levels you cover while providing you services?2021-03-01T08:57:47+00:00

      Provide help at all levels from primary to secondary and to higher secondary, as well as from graduation to post-graduation and diploma level.

      What are the different ways to place my order at

      You can place the order in three ways.

      1. Firstly, by mailing the details of your project at [email protected].
      2. Secondly, by texting us on our WhatsApp number at +1-(647)-499-2225.
      3. And thirdly, by live chat with our customer support team.


      What are your methods of payment?2021-03-01T08:59:15+00:00

      We accept payment through two methods only.

      1. Firstly, you can use your debit/credit cards to make payments.
      2. And secondly, you can directly pay using your PayPal account.
      Which are the major subjects or areas you provide academic help with?2021-03-01T08:59:55+00:00

      Cover major areas like Management, Computer science, Programming, public health, biology, chemistry, math, and much more.

      Do you provide help with exams also?2021-03-01T09:00:30+00:00

      Yes, we do provide help with online exams, and that too at the most affordable prices.

      Where can I check the status of my order?2021-03-01T09:01:05+00:00

      To check your order status:

      1. You can drop a mail to us at [email protected]
      2. Can talk directly with customer support through live chat.
      3. Send a WhatsApp text at +1-(647)-499-2225.
      What will be the cost of your academic services for my subject?2021-03-01T09:01:44+00:00

      Just send us the assignment requirements and You can get a free price quotation. Generally, the prices of Assignments depend upon your subject, the word length, the time limit and the complexity of the task.

      What if the answers we send ends up being wrong?2021-03-01T09:02:18+00:00

      Since we have industry experts working with us, we assure you that the assignment solutions will surely fetch you good marks.

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      Need to talk to an expert urgently! And deadline is very short, don’t worry we we will get it done by the experts in the given deadline. Whatsapp us your requirements and we will revert back as early as possible.

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