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Before we move further with how you can contact us for our online precis writing services, you might need a glimpse of what it really is. Following is a brief explanation of the meaning, importance and format of precis writing in order:

What is a precis?

The term precis has been derived from the French word ”prĂ©cis” which means summary. As the name itself suggests, a precis is a concise, clear, and crisp summary of a comparatively long passage. It has the same essence as the passage without any additional information or unnecessary fluff. It couldn’t be called re-writing of a passage as it doesn’t allow copy-paste techniques. The usage of simpler words, correct grammar, and good sentence connectivity brings a good precis to the table.

Importance of precis writing?

A precis writing helps professors evaluate your critical and analytical skills along with vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar. It helps you in differentiating between the essential and non-essential information and later acting on it. The original writer’s perspective is clearly spread in the precis in a concise manner which facilitates understanding what they wished to convey.

How to write a precis?

Writing a precis isn’t complicated at all once you learn to follow a straightforward approach while writing. Following are some steps in order that you should follow while writing a precis:

1. Read the passage thrice.

2. Write what you’ve just read in the easier language in bullet points.

3. Connect these bullet points to form a paragraph.

4. Make the paragraph free from any grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

5. Reduce the fluff to make the precis one-third of the original passage.

6. Compare both pieces and figure out if each sentence of the precis has the same essence as that of the passage.

7. Proofread the precis.

Make sure to do some research on the author’s message if you’re unaware of what they’re talking about. For an instance, if the author has talked about astrology in the passage then you must learn a little about astrology on your own. This should be done so that you don’t misinterpret the author’s message. The reason for doing this is not to add any information from your research, this is highly prohibited.

Dos and Don’ts of Precis Writing

No fixed format has been recognized for precis writing yet there are some unsaid rules that you should be aware of. Certain rules are to be followed while writing a precis to get the most use out of it.

Do’s of Precis Writing

  • Understand the original meaning of the passage

The message or information that is being addressed through the passage should remain untouched. The main context has to be kept original in the precis. Take a moment to form a theme of the passage and try to get to the bottom of what it is talking about. It’s recommended to read the passage for at least three times before beginning to write the precis.

  • Keep it short and crisp

A precis is supposed to be one-third of the passage. Cut down the jargon and get straight to the point. Keep it short by not using proverbs, supporting words or ornamental words. No additional fluff should be added on your own.

  • Include facts, statistics and other metrics

Indirect speech is when you tell something which a person has said in the past but you don’t copy their statement using words like ‘I’ and ‘We’. Precis writing has to be in indirect speech without the use of previously mentioned words.

  • Follow the exact same order of sentences as the passage

The first sentence of your precis has to be the interpretation of the first (or first few) sentence of the original passage. The same has to be applied in the succeeding sentences. The order of sentences in the passage and precis will be identical.

Don’ts of Precis Writing

  • Don’t give your personal opinions

The sole purpose of a precis is to write a passage in a more concise form without changing its organic meaning. It shouldn’t include your individual thoughts or opinions on what is mentioned in the passage.

  • Don’t include abbreviations

This one is quite self-explanatory. Avoid using abbreviations as not everyone is aware of their full forms.

  • Don’t state additional information from other sources

Again, a precis has to only depict what’s written in the original passage and shouldn’t include any additional information from exclusive sources. Information in the form of history, numbers, theories, etc shouldn’t be used.

  • Don’t copy and paste

No sentence in the precis should be the same as the original passage. Copying and pasting isn’t meant to be done in the precis, not only because of plagiarism concerns but for it’s essence. A precis is supposed to be a shorter version of a passage and copying exact sentences just doesn’t make sense here.

**The above mentioned were some rules that you’ve to follow while writing a precis. The process isn’t very difficult at its own but does require a considerable amount of practice. It’s recommended to write 3-5 sample precis before hopping onto your original college assignment.


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