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An audit is the process of independent evaluation of an organization’s financial statements to ensure that the recorded transactions are accurate and other relevant documents are fair. Students pursuing their major in Accounting are usually taught the concepts of Auditing as it is kind of an extension to the former subject. The most difficult part of auditing is to maintain concentration, apart from the fact that it requires immense knowledge of the subject in the first place.

Students are made to study various types of auditing that is required in an organization to ensure economic authenticity. Assignment topics framed around this concept are usually complicated to write which makes it a challenge for students to submit them within strict deadlines. The strong time constraints make it all worse as nothing could get more overwhelming when there’s a limited amount of time with intensive workload. We understand all such concerns of students and thus, has hired a brilliant team of auditing experts that can write your auditing assignment at a very justified price.

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Assignment topics on Auditing majorly focus on its three types namely External Audits, Internal Audits and Internal Revenue Service Audits. These are further classified into subtopics like operational audit and forensic audit. Comprehensive topics like significance of auditing, processes of auditing, auditing strategy, ethics in auditing, etc. are also commonly seen to be assigned to university students. Our professional subject experts offer assignment help on all such topics and more. If you feel that we’ve failed to mention your individual assignment topic, don’t worry and throw it in. We design personalized assignments for all students on their desired topic.

To help you understand our services better, following are a few topics that we widely offer assignment help on

Internal Audit

Internal audit is when an auditor within an organization conducts an objective evaluation of its financial records providing unbiased and honest reviews. The various types of internal audit are compliance audit, operational audit, construction audit, integrated audit, etc.

External Audit

External audit follows the same process as an internal audit but with aligned legal arguments and in accordance with concerned laws. It’s usually done for statutory obligations of an organization or a government entity.

Financial Audit

A financial audit is an objective evaluation of the financial reports and statements of an organization to ensure that the data related to all financial transactions is accurate. It’s practized to determine whether the documents are complete and credible.

Tax Audit

A tax audit is again the evaluation of an organization’s financial information to determine accuracy in its tax system and to ensure that the amount of tax paid is correct. Tax audit could also be practiced for an individual’s tax records but the major topic of concern is the one which happens in a business organization as it involves relevant tax laws.

Forensic Audit

When the examination of financial records of an organization has a predefined purpose usually resonating with a crime like fraud or false means of income, the evaluation is called forensic audit. It often acts as an evidence while a case is filed in a court and thus, is required to be unaltered in every manner.

Operational Audit

The process of evaluating an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out operations through the financial perspective is called operational audit. It majorly focuses on the productivity of a company rather than the economy.


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