Refund Policy for

At we ensure to deliver the best quality assignment solutions strictly as per the mentioned guidelines and within the mentioned time frame. In case we failed to fulfill our prior mentioned commitments, we are entitled to reimburse your loss either fully or partially as the case arises. Being the most professional assignment writing service in the world, it is our utmost duty to leave you 100% satisfied in terms of price, quality, and customer support service. However, in case things went wrong you can ask for the reimbursement of your loss pertaining to our refund policy. Our refund policy will allow you to go through all the commitments that promises to fulfill if you successfully place your order with us.

Here are some conditions when we are liable to pay for your loss

  • If in any case or situation the student wants to cancel their order and the order has not been assigned to any writer yet, that happens quite rarely, a refund of 100% can be asked by the student or he can place another order for the same amount either the same time or in future.

  • In case the order has been successfully processed by our team after which you have requested to cancel your order, no refund will be initiated either fully or partially. This rule has been made to compensate for the loss of time and effort being put by our team to complete your order.

  • In case of a delayed order, the refund will be strictly based on the reason behind that delay. If the order is being delayed out of the company’s negligence, the company will refund the appropriate amount strictly based upon the situation and will be discussed with the student at the time of issue. However, any delay out of customer’s or student’s negligence will not be entertained for any refund.

  • Our customer is always our first priority and making the best quality assignment solutions is our utmost duty. However, if in any case the quality of the completed document will be marked as failed by the tutor considering the fact that our team is at fault, a full refund will be initiated after a strict investigation into the said issue.

  • If the student claims that the final assignment solution has been found plagiarised strictly based on the Turnitin report, a full refund will be initiated after a strict investigation of the said case.

  • Once the company confirms the refund for your order, it will be initiated within 7 days of the confirmation and we are not held responsible for any kind of transfer fees or any delays due to many reasons which are out of our control.