2020 World Expo in Dubai


A global event, the 2020 World Expo seeks to inform the public, share innovation, advance progress, and create cooperation. The United Arab Emirates’ government is in charge of organizing it. The World Expo welcomes participation from foreign nations, businesses, international organizations, the private sector, civic society, and the general public (About Us, 2022). Expos offer a comprehensive event where remarkable exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, corporate meetings, public discussions, and live concerts take place concurrently because to the diversity of its participants, from top decision-makers to youngsters. The purpose of the essay is to outline a project for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


A trip into a selected theme will be provided through engaging and immersive activities at the 2020 World Expo, a worldwide event devoted to finding answers to fundamental problems confronting humanity (Home, 2022). The government of the United Arab Emirates is in charge of planning and facilitating the World Expo. International organizations and nations from throughout the world participate as recognized participants (About Us, 2022). These large-scale public events are unparalleled in their capacity to draw millions of tourists, forge new relationships, and spark transformation in the host city, Dubai (Home, 2022). The Expo had three main themes: mobility, opportunity, and sustainability (Home, 2022). The Expo invites people from all over the world together to address a pressing issue facing humanity.

Project Proposal

In a project setting, all project management concepts and techniques should be used to achieve the project goals and objectives, regardless of the constraints, according to research findings by Gareis et al. (2013). The dates, the project’s scope, and the budget can all be determined using project management concepts. Therefore, the 2020 World Expo plan is offered below based on the aforementioned concepts.


The 2020 World Expo aims at celebrating culture, collaboration, and innovation in the heart of the UAE (Home, 2022). Dubai hopes to leave an ever-lasting legacy through the Expo. Expo 2020 will take visitors on a unique journey to catch a glimpse of what the future holds (Home, 2022).


The Expo will offer a stage for inspiring the global communities of environment, prosperity, and transportation (Home, 2022).


Project deliverables actually refer to any project-related output provided during any of the project phases because they refer to any outputs that are submitted within the scope of a project (Mustaro and Rossi, 2013). The 2020 World Expo will last for six months, and the project has a long list of deliverables. Each nation will have a pavilion at the event (Home, 2022). Based on the Expo’s theme, the pavilions will offer fully immersive cultural experiences.

The Expo also intends to present The Program for People and Planet in addition to the pavilions. The initiative will offer a forum for the unrestricted sharing of novel concepts and developments (Programme for People and Planet, 2022). It will be made with the intention of reimagining the global economy, putting human dignity, equality, and respect for all people at the forefront of human advancement, and instilling a feeling of responsibility for maintaining ecological balance and harmony. Build Bridges, Leave No One Behind, Live in Balance, Thrive Together, and UAE Vision 2071 are the program’s five tracks (Programme for People and Planet, 2022). The program will examine the most important issues facing humanity from a cultural, social, environmental, and economic perspective.

After 2020, important discussions about climate change, sustainability, and ethical fashion will be pushed and addressed. The After Expo 2020 initiative will include the sustainability road map (After Expo 2020, 2022).

Through a variety of projects and programs, Expo Initiatives will make a significant contribution (Expo Initiatives, 2022). The Expo Initiatives, a program for international collaboration and innovation, includes the Expo Live (Expo Initiatives, 2022). It will provide cash, assistance, and visibility to global innovators whose original solutions are improving societies and the environment. As a result, the following deliverables are intended to be finished before the project is executed based on the aforementioned project details:

  • Pavilion
  • The Program for People and Planet
  • After Expo 2020
  • Expo Initiatives

Project Schedule

For six months, the project will be hosted. It will begin on October 1 and run until March 31. Both the opening and closing ceremonies will take place on March 31 and September 31 respectively. Therefore, the following project plan will be followed based on the aforementioned activities and outputs:

Activities Duration (Days)
Designate a coordinator 35
Define goals 45
Clarify message 25
Select the event show 55
Pick the size and location of the pavilion 65
Sending the application 70
Describe the conference guide 82
Create a budget and a schedule. 90
Create a participant list 95
Mailing to clients and prospects 45
Show promotion on the company website 65
Press release creation 90
Set up meetings with clients and potential clients. 25
Send important clients and prospects free passes. 45
Plan meetings with the media present. 60
Plan booth
Layout plan 70
Assemble displays 48
Prepare materials
Brochures and Collaterals 85
Demos of common products 70
Press kits 45
Sheets of lead 65
Badges 70
Prepare events
Presentations and announcements in the hospitality suite 95
Meetings with important clients and prospects 55
Press conferences 100
Brief participants
Practice presentations 95
Organize logistics
Reserve a vehicle 50
Hotel reservations 95
Plan the catering 45
Ship supplies 95
Ship booth hardware 50
The Expo Live 180
Post Expo 2020 55
Assemble statistics
Sales numbers 45
Attendance at the show 25
Fresh leads 55
Cost Sum up 65
Procedure of review 95
Total 2545

Project Budget:

When analyzing project constraints and risks, key stakeholders can submit requirements or constraints based on information from their industry (Imran and Shazia, 2011). Stakeholder engagement and involvement will help to decrease and reveal additional project hazards. Therefore, the official premium partners are the project’s primary internal stakeholders. Accenture, Cisco, DP World, Emirates NBD, Etisalat, Emirates, G42, Mastercard, Nissan, PepsiCo, SAP, Siemens, and Terminus are the event’s official premium partners (Home, 2022). The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), the Government of the United Arab Emirates, and other private companies are contributing to the Expo’s 7 billion USD budget.

Risks Associated

Risk management’s goal is to spot possible issues before they arise, or, in the event of opportunities, to strive to take advantage of them in order to make them happen (Cope III, Cope and Hotard, 2006). As a result, risk-handling actions will be used over the course of the project, which will be active for six months. The risks are determined using the project planning described above. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest chance of the dangers, the likelihood of the risks is graded. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most severe dangers, the risks are recognized and graded according to their severity. Therefore, three risk levels are assigned: high, medium, and low. The risks identified in the project proposal are as follows:

Risks Likelihood Severity Risk Rating
Staffing shortage 3 2 Low
Unreasonable timeframe 4 3 High
Unreliable funding 1 4 Low
Incorrect software functionality 2 1 Low
User interface 5 2 Medium
Late revisions to requirements 3 5 High
Lack of external component supply 4 2 Medium
Lack of externally performed tasks 3 3 Low
Lack of real-time performance 1 3 Low
Delay in meeting deadline 2 1 Medium



The document presents the project idea for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project timetable, budget, and deliverables are all listed in the proposal. In the article, the hazards connected to the project are also listed. The proposal demonstrated that the live event is a high risk project that requires mitigation due to the seriousness of the obstacles involved in project implementation.


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