Module Code: 3018THS

Module Subject: Destination Management

you are required to conduct an analysis for a destination and develop a destination management strategy to develop and manage a target tourist market to the destination. Individual must select one of the three destinations listed below:

  • Paris, France
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Rome, Italy

The project should be undertaken from the standpoint of the regional Destination Management Organisation (DMO), for example, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Gold Coast Tourism, etc.

  • Part C Stakeholder Engagement Plan and the Vodcast (Individual Assignment) —


Part C of the strategy is individual-based assessment. Each student will independently design a digital communication plan to communicate the destination management strategy to a chosen group of stakeholders at the destination. Part C is worth 35% and includes two components:

  1. A written digital communication plan – explain the goals, describe the target audience, identify effective communication channels, and design key content (1,000 words, ±10%).
  1. A vodcast – make a short vodcast aimed to gain stakeholder support for the management plan (approximately 3 minutes).

Required structure and content for the Digital Communication Plan

  • Section 1: Introducing the importance of establishing and managing an online reputation and the purpose of this digital communication plan.
  • Section 2: Describe the stakeholder group (i.e., which stakeholder group your vodcast is targeting and why you choose this group).
  • Section 3: Identify effective communication channels for this stakeholder group based on their particular needs and preferences (i.e., how should the vodcast be distributed to the targeted stakeholders?) You need to consider various digital communication platforms/channels and their appropriateness for the chosen stakeholder
  • Section 4: Design the vodcast and justify the design (describe the key elements of the vodcast and why you design the elements in this way).
  • Section 5: Concluding
  • Section 6: Please use APA referencing style. There should be at least 3 academic references and 3 industry references in this list. Remember that a reference is a source that is actually cited within the text.

Note: Word limits exclude references.

Requirement for the Vodcast

You are required to create and upload a video broadcast (vodcast) for the purpose to publicise/communicate to your chosen group of stakeholders.

In order to gain the support of this group of stakeholders, at a minimum level, you will need to explain the following in the vodcast:

  • key points of Part B
  • how strategies identified in Part B will impact on the stakeholders (e.g., key benefits to stakeholders, and why they should support your strategies).

The content and design of the vodcast should be consistent with what you described in Section 4 of the digital communication plan.

  • You may use your mobile or another video recording device to create the The vodcast should be approximately 3 minutes in length (no longer than 3.5 mins and no shorter than 2.5 mins).
  • At the start of the vodcast, students must provide photo ID (student card or passport), clearly displayed next to the speaker’s face – pause for 5 seconds to allow for the person assessing to check the ID. Students will receive 0 marks if identification cannot be
  • The vodcast recording must include a clear view of the student speaking at all times.
  • Video clips used in the vodcast must not be longer than 30 seconds in

Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible in developing their vodcast. Some of the elements you may want to consider including in the vodcast (but not restricted to) are:

  • Background music
  • Video clips (no more than 30 seconds in total)
  • Text, images, or other graphics/illustrations
  • Interviews of others

Detailed instructions on how to upload your vodcast will be provided on L@G and in the workshop.


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