Module Code: 7001BOP

Module Title: Consumer Psychology

Development of a Product/brand analysis and associated marketing research plan (2,000 words)

Your task is to choose a famous product/service or brand to analyse using consumer psychology theory and contemporary literature. You are also required to produce a Marketing research plan using the same product/service or band. Below you may find more information about the structure and marking of your coursework. (Marking rubric also below).

Background of the Product/Service (approx. 400 words. 15 marks available)

  • Firstly, you should clearly introduce a famous product/service or brand of your There should be a short section explaining the main characteristics of the product and why you chose it. The reader should clearly understand from this section why this product/service or band is worthy of analysis. You should link to information/topics covered in this module. This may include, for example theories or models that were used: marketing mix, targeting and product lifecycle etc.

Analysis of the Product Brand (approx. 800 words. 40 marks available)

  • There are many reasons for you to pick a product/service or brand. It can be because the product is very successful (e.g. iPhone), because it faced some issues that had an impact on consumer behaviour (e.g. VW and the gas emissions case) or just because it did things differently (e.g. Uber).
  • In this section, you should apply and critically evaluate psychological theory/contemporary literature to analyse your product and to justify why this is a product/service or brand worth studying. Also, you need to demonstrate your understanding of how marketers of the product/service or brand applied psychological theory to make this product/service or band noteworthy.

Marketing Research Plan (approx. 800 words. 35 marks available)

  • In this section, you should present a marketer research plan for the product/service or brand that you previously analysed (previous section). From your analysis you should have identified a novel question/area that requires exploration for the benefit of the product/service or brand.
  • Your plan should include a clear and focused research question (what you intend the research plan to answer) and sections covering (use headings):
    • Method – how you are collecting your data and why this method
    • Sample/participants – who you are targeting– justify, why this group?
    • Procedure – ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ do you carry out this plan, justify?
    • Analysis – how you will analysis your collected data?

Be as creative as you like in planning how you will collect your data (observation, surveys, interview etc) but try to be realistic/feasible. Consider: cost, time, effectiveness and ethical considerations in what you plan. We are looking for an application of good research practice here so keep it simple and provide explicit detail and a comprehensive plan.


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