Module Code: 7002BOP

Module Title: Psychological Assessment at Work

Assignment brief: Consultancy Report and Feedback Assessment

Coursework 1: Consultancy Report (Word count 2,500)

Cannings Marketing is a marketing and advertising company based in the East Midlands region of the United Kingdom. The CEOs are a married couple, who are both marketing executives. Until now, their portfolio has consisted of a number of small contracts for local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, Cannings Marketing have recently won a large national contract, and will subsequently be providing marketing and advertising services on a much larger scale than ever before.

The CEOs of Cannings Marketing have therefore decided to hire multiple graduate trainee marketing executives, in order to cope with the volume of work that the national contract will provide. They are hopeful that by targeting recent advertising and marketing graduates, this will inject some fresh approaches into the business, whilst developing the next generation of marketing executives and securing a bright future for the company.

Until now, Cannings Marketing have relied upon an application form and semi-structured interview for their selection process. With the upcoming recruitment drive, Cannings wish to update their selection processes in order to ensure that they select the best possible talent. The CEOs have decided to use an assessment centre but they need the assistance of a consultant business/ occupational psychologist to devise the details of this.

Your task

You have been hired by the CEOs of Cannings Marketing to plan an assessment centre as part of the selection process for graduate-trainees. This assessment centre can fall over ONE/TWO days and should be made up of at least TWO different exercises (e.g., a semi-structured interview and role-play activity). These exercises should be recommended based on a review of theory and research, as well as current market trends and costings.

Before detailing your plan for the assessment centre, you must first advise the CEO on the following:

  • How to identify the relevant competencies for the graduate-trainee role to aid the recruitment and selection process;
  • Which method/s should be used to attract the best candidates to apply for the role; You should write your consultancy report using the guidelines provided below.

Marking Guidelines

  • Title Page (1 mark)
  • Contents
  • Executive Summary (4 marks)
  • Introduction/Terms of Reference
  • Contextual Theory (20 marks)
  • Supportive Information (7 marks)
  • Proposed Interventions (12 marks)
  • Recommendations (3 marks)
  • Conclusions (2 marks)
  • References (1 mark)


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