Module Code: 7023SSL

Module Subject: International Business and Global Strategy

Word Count : 5,000-word group report plus a 500-word individual reflective account (per student)

Assessment Information

This assignment is worth 15 credits and includes a group report assignment of 5,000 words (Component A) and an individual reflection of 300 words (Component B).

For Component A, you will be working in groups of 2 to 4 members, and for Component B (the reflection) you will be working on your own.

You are expected to form yourselves into a group of 2 to 4 students to complete this assignment. As a group, you have been hired to provide market research and consultancy services to any one of the following organisations.

  • Creo Medical Group plc (Health Care)
  • Hotel Chocolat Group plc (Food Retail)
  • Geely Auto (Automotive)

The board of your selected organization requires your group to prepare a 5,000-word report on determining the best possible new market to expand any existing product/service of the organisation and to create an entry strategy plan into the selected country

This assignment (Component A -Group report) requires you:

  • To choose one of the companies from the list above.
  • Conduct a Company Situational analysis.
  • To select one or more of product/service of the firm, determine its target market segments and potential for expansion into a new market,
  • To identify up to a maximum of 2 (Two) new markets to which the company can expand the selected product/service and perform a screening of these markets using a selection of product/market criteria.
  • To determine the recommended market for expansion and to critically support the recommendation.
  • To analyse how the country profiling of the market can impact on the entry strategy of the company.
  • To determine the new market potential for the selected product and service, including the evaluation of international and domestic competition.
  • To produce a marketing plan, including a profit forecast and funding plan.

This assignment (Component B – Individual Reflection) requires you:

  • To produce a 300 words individual reflection on the relevance and limitations of the analytical tools utilised in the report as applied to the case study.
Criteria Weight
1 Analysis to determine the selected company’s current position vis-à-vis international markets, including company analysis (internal and external environments), their current international involvement and global readiness, their target customer profile, and product profile. 20%
2 Identification of the two countries most suitable for expansion of the selected company based on the situation analysis of the company. Use of internationalisation frameworks, Macro Screening, and Market Accessibility criteria. 20%
3 In-depth Market Analysis of selected 2 countries, including competitive analysis, sales potential,  market channel structures, leading to best target market selection 20%
4 Development of an entry strategy programme for the target country. Emphasis on Entry Modes, Market Segmentation, Sales, Profits, & Market Penetration, Pricing Strategy & Plan, Promotion Strategy & Plan, Distribution Strategy & Plan, Budgeting 20%
5 Personal Reflection Critical discussion on  the limitations in the application of the main frameworks utilised and their relevance in the case study 20%
Total 100%


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