Module code: 7026MHR

Module Subject: Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Individually submitted portfolio consisting of 3 parts (A-C)

word length: 4,000 words

Part A (1700 words)

▪ One reflective blog entry with reflections on contribution, learning and progress during the term.

▪ Supported by personal evidence of engagement in the module.

Part B (1700 words)

A second blog entry in the form of an opinion piece answering one of the following questions (please only choose one).

1) How can a firm be successful in their innovation?

2) What is the role of teams in the development of innovation?

3) Are incumbent firms more innovative than startups?

4) Can entrepreneurs be successful leaders all the time?

5) Why do some business pitches become effective?

6) Is big data a tool for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship?

7) If you have a start-up, what type of funding would you select?

Your opinion piece must have an appropriate structure (headings). I suggest the following structure:

▪ Introduction

▪ Opinion

▪ Discussion

▪ Conclusion

You are free to add sections or subsections and arrange them according to your needs as long as the structure has a logical flow.

Your response should be supported by academic evidence via in-text citations and a complete APA reference list. The reference list should be positioned at the end of the opinion piece.

Part C (MAX 3 Minutes)

A third entry with a link to (or embedding of) a recorded pitching video of you introducing an existing start-up of your choice. (The start-up should be less than 10 years old)

The pitching video should cover the below information in max. 3 minutes:

1) General information about the start-up (who, when and where)

2) Introduction of the offering (product or service)

3) Identification of target customers supported by market data

4) Overview of the competition with emphasis on competitive advantage

5) Reasons why this start-up has potential for longterm success


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