Module Code: 7030SSL

Module Title: International Leadership and Management

1500 words Individual assessment

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

  1. Critically analyse and evaluate organisational leadership perspectives taken in the theory and practice.
  2. Synthesise learning from a range of masters modules to demonstrate an evidence-based perspective on leadership

This assignment requires you to read the following academic article:

Women as Leaders The More Things Change, the More It’s the Same Thing

  • Based on your close reading of the above-mentioned article and the contents of the International Leadership and Management module, outline what you see as the main issues and factors that shapes or affect leadership.
  • To ensure depth of analysis, use Leadership theories and models to explain your view. Pay attention to the interconnectedness amongst different theories/models instead of isolating them.
  • In addition, critically analyse insights and recommendations would you offer to leaders based on the article discussions.
  • Produce a concluding statement summarizing your personal reflections on what you have learned about ‘international leadership’ from this module. Can you re-evaluate any of your past experiences in the light of what you know now? What will you take away, to apply in your career? Be as specific to your personal and professional situation as possible.


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