Module Code: 7045SSL

Module Title:Business Analytics and Intelligence

Assignment Title: 10 minutes Video presentation  and an individual 1000 word report

Assessment Information

This assignment  is designed  to assess learning  outcomes 1, 2 and 4

Learning outcomes

  1. Define and evaluate key concepts of business analytics.
  2. Critically apply business analytics skills for decision making.
  3. Critically analyse and interpret the outputs of data mining models and forecasting results for end-users.
  4. Solve managerial problems and make systematic decisions by applying business data analysis techniques.
  5. Have ability to apply business analytics to various international business contexts by selecting appropriate techniques.

This is an individual Assignment.

Background information

Companies in Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair industry maintain and repair motor vehicles. They carry out general mechanical and electrical repairs as well as maintenance and servicing. The industry only includes companies that specialise in maintenance and repair activities. Car washes are also included in the industry. Car washes operated by petrol stations and firms that retread and rebuild tyres do not fall under this industry. The primary activitie s of this industry are Repairing mechanical problems, Repairing electrical components, Servicing motor vehicles, Repairing bodywork, Painting motor vehicles, Repairing windscreens, Repairing tyres, Washing and polishing cars, and Repairing motor vehicle parts.

The major products and services in this industry are: Repairs, Servicing and MOT tests, Body shop services, Car washes.


IBISWORLD  (2022) IBISWorld  Industry  Report G45.200, Motor Vehicle   Maintenance & Repair in the UK, [online] available from <> [10 May 2022].

Assessment requirement

As a Business Analyst, it is expected that you examine the Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair in the UK and make recommendations about the future of the sector. This assignment requires you to produce a 10 minutes video presentation and a 1000-words report on business analytics within UK’s Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair sector. Not only will this assessment test your presentation skills, but it will also assess how well you are able to gather data, analyse and interpret the output with supporting relevant literature.

Data gathering

Obtain yearly data on a minimum of 10 Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair industry from FAME/Statista/IBISworld/Yahoo Finance. You should collect data on not less than five and not more than ten variables over the period from 2012 to 2021.

The video presentation  and your report should  address and present the following:

  1. Analyze relevant  journal articles on business  analytics  and decision making.
  2. Use the dataset you have gathered on the UK’s Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair industry to plot appropriate tables, graphs and develop appropriate dashboards to visualize the data.
  3. Compute and explain the summary statistics that describe the properties of your variables and discuss why these summary statistics are useful in the analysis of your data.
  4. Identify the relationship among the variables by computing the correlation and regression analysis for the variables, using appropriate software (eg spreadsheet, SPSS etc) to uncover patterns and show changes over time. (You will have to determine which of the variables should be your dependent and independent variables).
  5. Interpret the data output in the light of business analytics and intelligence in the Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair in the UK .NB: The video presentation  and the 1000-word report are weighted  at 50% each.


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