Module Code: ACR202

Module Subject: Criminology Theory

Assessment Task 2 : Identifying theoretical underpinnings of a Criminal Justice Policy

Length: 1000 words

The Task

The purpose of this task is to demonstrate your analytical skills and the development of your theoretical knowledge by applying criminological theory to criminal justice policies.

You are required to analyse one of the criminal justice initiatives described in the links below using criminological theory. You should research your chosen initiative beyond the links provided, by using academic research, and by identifying similar examples from other jurisdictions if appropriate.

Standard word limit leeway (10%) and late penalties (5% per day) will apply as per Task 1. Students must use Harvard-style referencing and draw on a minimum of 3 academic sources plus the textbook to support their analysis. This means you should cite at least 4 different sources in total.

Your 1000-word response should:

  • identify which theories inform the initiative;
  • provide a brief overview and discussion of the work of at least one prominent theorist examined this trimester whose work you see as informing the development of the initiative (i.e. cite the theorist in your reference list);
  • identify whether other theories could be used to explain/understand/respond to the specific type of offending and therefore be used to critique the program/initiative’s approach;
  • discuss any particular political pressures impacting on the issue being addressed by the initiative which might inform or impact its implementation and consider what amendments could be made to this program/initiative (if any) based on any other criminological theory and research.


  1. Wirkara Kulpa: Victoria’s first Aboriginal Youth Justice Strategy, Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety
  2. Inquiry into Victoria’s criminal justice system: Part B: Early Intervention, Crime Prevention and Policing, Parliament of Victoria
  3. Empowering Communities grants, Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety
  4. Youth Diversion Statement, Victorian Government
  5. Victoria’s Crime Prevention Strategy, Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety
  6. President Biden’s Safer America Plan, The White House


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