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What is an Argumentative essay

Argumentative essays involve investigation of the topic, generating or collecting evidence, and taking a position by the writer in favor of a particular opinion on the topic. Argumentative essays writing may also involve carrying out surveys for the collection of data that can help the writer to make a particular opinion about the topic. These essays require the writer to have sound reasoning skills so that he can support a particular idea with convincing statements.

What is an Argument

Usually, when we think of an argument, the first image that strikes the screen of our mind could be of two persons who are verbally fighting with each other in anger to support an idea. However, the argument is entirely different in written documents. Any opinion which can be explained and supported by appropriate reasoning and evidence is called an argument. Effective and efficient argumentation includes enhancement of knowledge and interpretation in a convincing and positive way. It is more common to fail in arguments while writing as we cannot employ anger and ranting in written documents. The development of excellent reasoning skills is the key to writing a good argumentative essay.

Types of arguments in essays

Once the writer is ready with the thesis statement the other step is arguing for your proposed thesis statement. The presentation of an argument can be done in the following ways: – (However, before choosing any one type, the author must have a thorough understanding of how he might want to present this argument or which argument type would best suit his topic).

  • Fact – This type of argument is simple and tells whether the proposed statement is true or false
  • Definition- As the name suggests, it involves the definition of the term in the dictionary (the term for which the author is arguing) along with the interpretation of the author about that particular subject or statement.
  • Value- It includes the significance of the subject that you have chosen as your opinion, In this, you argue based on the benefit and value of something (could be an idea, subject or terms) that you are arguing for.
  • Cause and effect- It is based on the reason behind the problem you have undertaken in your essay and its probable consequences.
  • Policy- The opinion you have chosen for your essay should tell the reader why does it even matter to the reader and after agreeing with your opinion what are the possible actions the reader can take in that direction.

Types of argumentative essays

There are three main types of argumentative essays. We can either choose one or more than one approach to structuring our essay in a persuasive and convincing manner.

  • Classical- In the classical method, the main argument is presented by the author first, and afterward, the opinion is stated. The next step is to persuade the reader to believe in the stated opinion in the best possible way. The author should be able to explain the righteousness of the chosen opinion to the readers. This way of proposing an argument is also called Aristotelian. Being simple, it is one of the preferred strategies for the proposition of an argument. This method is suitable in situations when the reader does not know much about your topic. All the facts are outlined in a clear and concise manner in this method.
  • Rogerian- In this method first of all the problem is presented in front of the audience. Then the author acknowledges the other side of the argument. The author states his point of view and explains the benefit of his opinion to the reader. As a middle ground is presented in the Rogerian method, this type of approach is most applicable for polarising topics.
  • Toulmin- The author presents his claim in front of the reader. After that, the author puts forward specific grounds related to that claim and justifies the linkage of those specific grounds to the presented claim. Polarizing topics can be presented and explained through this approach of an argumentative essay. However, instead of presenting both the claims and sides, only one side is put in front of the reader and explained with proper reasoning and facts that make it difficult for the reader to go against the presented opinion.

Argumentative essay structure

An argumentative essay should be written in a straightforward manner which can be easy for the readers to understand and grasp the key idea of the writing. The main idea behind an argumentative essay is to support chosen idea with proper evidence and reasoning. The following structure can be referred to while writing an argumentative essay

Introduction- The introduction should make the first paragraph of your essay. It involves providing the reader with the outline and background information about the topic. The background information can help the reader understanding the argument in a better way. Present your evidence along with the thesis statement. The thesis statement is included in the first paragraph itself. It can be defined as a one-sentence summary of the claim proposed by the author. It must be concise and clear.

Body paragraphs- There can be two to three body paragraphs in an argumentative essay. These paragraphs must explain your reasoning and evidence for choosing a particular claim or in a way it should be able to support your thesis statement with different examples, citations, studies, and statistics. The writer can take up a single piece of evidence in each body paragraph and explain it properly with citations and examples. The authors can also address opposite ideas here and explain the reason behind his disapproval of these ideas. Credibility to the topic can be added by presenting wide information and referring to different angles of the topic. This can help the author to gain the trust of the reader

Conclusion- This paragraph summarizes the ideas or arguments that were made by the author in the body paragraphs. It involves restating the thesis statement. The writer should avoid introducing new information and facts that can lead to confusion in the minds of the reader. The conclusion should be able to appeal to the reader. The writer can also mention their personal experiences in correspondence to the specific arguments presented in the essay.

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