Module Code: PRJ5002

Module Subject: Enterprise and Resource Planning

Assessment 3: Case Study

Question 1. What were the challenges faced by Suryakant Mishra? How did he exercise a problem-solving approach?

Question 2. Why did he focus on a stakeholder engagement approach? Was the stakeholder management approach a game-changing strategy for UAIL or just a cost-escalation method?

Question 3. What type of leadership styles, do you think, were demonstrated by Suryakant Mishra? How would you like to define his negotiation style?

Question 4. What was the role of leadership communication in the case study?

Question 5. Did he exercise ethical decision-making processes?

Question 6. Were his decisions effective? How well did he achieve the stakeholder engagement goal?

Question 7. What approaches should his successor adopt?

Students need to support their answers with further references to comprehensively address the questions in a critical manner. In addition, summary of recently published articles relevant to project human resource, communications and stakeholder management need to be added to the discussion where appropriate and relevant.


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