The Context of Business : MN3042QA 

Assignment 3 for MN3042QA

This is an individual assignment of 1500 words in which you will write a Business Report.


You are required to find a UK based business. You should NOT USE the big companies like Tesco, Morrison, BP etc. Choose a UK based innovative company, which is interesting, and challenging.(You will fail if it is not UK based). You need to do an in depth research as how the business operates. Using your knowledge of business concepts and tools studied in this module, analyse the business doing a detailed SWOT Analysis of the business, use of CSR and Innovation by the business.

You then need to come up with recommendations as how the business can improve as well as expand.


Part 1 Introduction (200-250 words)

An overview of the business in terms of structure, location/profit/main competitors


Part 2 Analysis (1000-1200 words)

2.1 SWOT Analysis of business

2.2 Use of Corporate social responsibility by the business

2.3 Innovation and creativity in business


Part 3 Conclusion and Recommendations (200-250 words)

Recommendations for the business to improve and expand


Part 4 References and Appendices (not included in the word count)

At least 4 books and journal articles. You can also use websites to get information about the business but 4 academic references are MUST.

Reference section which gives the full reference for in-text references that appear in the main body of your report using the Harvard referencing format which you can access at:


Important Notre :  You should NOT USE the big companies like Tesco, Morrison etc. Use a UK based innovative company, which is interesting, and challenging. You should not use the companies you have used for Assignment 1 and 2 as it will result in a Fail.


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