Module Code: MN4001QA


Assignment 3 for MN4001QA  

Assignment 3 is an individual piece of work. The assignment consists of a 2000 words (1500+500) report where you are required to research an innovative and entrepreneurial business and analyse how they are managing the different aspects of their business relating it to the concepts you have studied so far in this module. You need to give a good overview of entrepreneurship and the business in the introduction. You need to choose TWO concepts from the four areas below and analyse the chosen business in relevance to them in detail in the academic analysis section. You also then need to come up with recommendations on how the business can improve and expand. This part will be 1500 words:

  1. Business functions
  2. Operations management
  3. 4P’s for the business
  4. Innovation and Creativity

You have to choose ONE business from below:

  1. Chobani
  2. Leon
  3. Metro Bank
  4. Go Fund me
  5. Africa’s Talking
  6. TOMS Shoes

You are then required to reflect in 500 words on your learning so far in the module and the skills that are required to improve your academic and professional career. For example self-confidence, team working, decision-making, communication and negotiation skills, leadership and time management skills.

Assignment Criteria:

  • In depth knowledge of the business
  • Analysing the business by using two concepts and Linking theory to practice
  • Coming up with realistic recommendations for the business
  • Thoughtful and quality reflection
  • Professional report presentation and Harvard referencing

Structure of the report

Cover Page

Contents page

Introduction—-250-300 words

Academic Analysis using 2 concepts—-1000 words

Recommendations and Conclusions—200-250 words

Self-Reflection—-500 words

References—-Minimum 5 academic references

Assignment can be 10% more than the suggested word limit.


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