Module : Introduction to Health and Social Care

Word length: 2000 words

Task: Create a poster that demonstrates your understanding of primary healthcare and the different stages of health intervention. This can be completed on your choice of Microsoft Office programmes (Word/Powerpoint/Publisher) and will require you to arrange images and written text in an organised way.

Resources: We are using a primary health care diagram by the World Health Organisation to talk through five different stages of health intervention: promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, palliation

Poster: (Under 1000 words)

Include the following 7 sections and organise the information on your page, using subheadings and images that are clearly linked to the written text.

  • Combine images and text to:
    • Define primary health care
  • Combine images and text to:
    • Define Health Promotion
    • Give examples of health promotion campaigns and describe how they help individuals
  • Combine images and text to:
    • Describe how communicable diseases are spread and the different forms of health prevention with examples
  • Combine images and text to:
    • Define Treatment
    • Give two different examples of treatment options for different illnesses
  • Combine images and text to:
    • Define rehabilitation and recovery
    • Give example of rehabilitation intervention
  • Combine images and text to:
    • Describe palliative care

1a) Primary healthcare: Describe the primary services that are available to help individuals in a local area
Additional notes to help-choose three local services within your area, for example optician, GP, local
pharmacy (what services they offer, how they ensure health and well being of individuals) (150 words)

2a) Health Promotion: Describe the issue in society of lifestyle diseases.
(Discuss, what is a lifestyle disease and use an example to show how it impacts individual, family and
society and county’s economy) (150 words)

3a) Disease Prevention: Describe the role of a public health practitioner.
(Discuss the role in General and you can expand your answer by explaining one of the roles, for example
Youth support worker) (150 words)

4a) Treatment: Describe a shared decision-making model to making treatment decisions.
(Explain what is shared decision making and use the model or framework provided in the PowerPoint to
describe shared decision making) (150 words).

5a) Rehabilitation Describe an individual that an occupational therapy team would support and explain
why it would be a fulfilling role to help them.
(Discuss the role and responsibility of an occupational therapist in general, use a case study to show how
they can make difference in one’s life) (150 words)

6a) Palliative Care Describe the qualities of a care giver providing palliative care.
(Expand you answer using 6’C of care from NHS) (150 words).


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