BABS Assignment

Course/Programme:BA Business

Module Title:  Marketing Management

Assignment titles: Marketing Consultancy

Word limit: 3000 +/- 10%

Your Tasks

As an independent consultant you are required to choose an organisation from any product focused industry such as retail, fashion, accessories, food and assess the effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

Explore the competitive organisational environment by applying environmental analysis tools to identify opportunities and threats that impact or may impact on your chosen organisation.

Analyse their STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning) strategy, providing and insight into how segmentation, targeting and positioning are currently applied by your chosen organisation.

Examine their marketing mix, focusing on the 4Ps ( product, price, place, promotion) that your chosen organisation is currently applying.

Provide recommendations on how your chosen organisation can improve its marketing strategy.


Suggested Structure

Title / Cover page (title including the name of the chosen organisation)

Executive Summary / Abstract (one page summary of each of the 4 parts of the report- one paragraph summary of SWOT, one paragraph summary of STP, one paragraph summary of 4Ps, one paragraph summary of recommendations)

Table of contents (headings, sub-headings with numbering)

Introduction (aim of the report, overview of chosen organisation, present structure of report) approx. 250 words

  1. SWOT (discuss the usefulness of applying a SWOT analysis to your case; apply a SWOT analysis to your chosen organisation; could use a table for SWOT) 700 words
  2. STP (define segmentation, define targeting, define positioning; apply segmentation basis to your chosen organisation; apply targeting strategies to your chosen organisation; apply positioning strategies to your chosen organisation) 700 words
  3. Marketing mix (4Ps) (define product; define price, define place, define promotion; apply product ( PLC) to your organisation; apply pricing strategies to your organisation; apply distribution strategies to your organisation ; apply promotional mix to your organisation) 700 words
  4. Recommendations (based on the issues identified in 1, 2, 3 provide recommendations for your chosen organisation) 700 words

Conclusion (summary of key points emerging from the analysis above) approx. 200 References (aim for a minimum of 20 references; balanced mix of academic sources – books and journal articles and non-academic sources such as – websites, media sources, reports, statistics etc.)

Appendix (optional) (eg. PEST/ Porters’ 5 forces etc.)


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