Module Code: BMAF001-20

Module Title: Communication for Professionals

Assignment: S1. Presentation

Words: 2000

S1. Assessment Brief:

You will self-organise into a group of 3-5 members. Choose an organisation. Your chosen organisation must have publicly available information on its Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Using the information on

  • What is corporate social responsibility?
  • What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility for organisations? Use some examples to support your
  • What is your chosen organisation doing to fulfil its corporate social responsibility?

Your group will work to

  1. Prepare a presentation (main Slides + explanation Slides). Circa 2000
  2. The full presentation must contain main (approx. 8-10) slides followed by 6-12 explanation slides.
  3. The explanation slides should contain relevant information that supports the main points of the presentation, for example, it may identify additional benefits or concerns, explanations and justifications, or provide tables, graphs or figures or other details which would be too crowded in the main slides.
  4. A full reference list should be included in a separate slide at the Do not use footnotes in your slides.
  5. Citations and references should be provided using the Harvard style.


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