Module Code: BMAF001-20

Module Title: Communication for Professionals

Assignment: S2. A Writing Collage

Words: 2000

S2. Assessment Brief:

For this assessment, you will be required to go through a set of written business communication tasks and decide on the most appropriate solution or treatment for each case scenario.

Task 1 – Memo (500 words)

You are working for a company. Your organisation has given you a responsibility to write a memo for the staff Christmas Party. The memo aims to attract your colleagues to attend the Christmas Party. In the memo you will also provide the details of the Party (what, when, where and why).

Task 2 – Email to promote your organisation (500 words)

Choose an organisation. Write an email to another organisation’s manager or an individual prospect about the services/products that your organisation offers. You aim to convince them why they should buy your services/products over your competitors.

Please note that you will not be heavily relying on the company website and copy- pasting the information. You are required to demonstrate your persuasive writing skills using the information present in the company website.


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