Module Code: BMAF004-20

Module Title: Introduction to Business and Management

Assignment : S1. Group Presentation

Words: 3000

Assessment outline: In your group presentation you will analyse the theories and models related business and management for a UK based business.

Assessment Brief:

You will produce a group presentation about a UK based business that you have selected. Your presentation will analyse the internal and external environment of your business. You will also investigate the organisational structure types and importance of problem solving in business and management.

Your presentation must include notes and the given word count is 3000 words (slides + Appendix slides)


The assessment requires you to produce a group presentation (4-5 students). Your presentation should be around 3000 words (Slides + Appendix Slides). Each group will be given 25 minutes to present, and each member must (equally) participate in the presentation.

You need to choose a UK company from the following sectors (only one sector):

  • Automobile
  • Airline
  • Telecommunication
  • Chain Restaurants
  • Chain Hotels

Remember it must be a UK business and you have to analyse the UK environment for the business. We encourage you to choose a large organisation for which you are sure you can find a lot of relevant information through the e-library resources, company website, relevant industry reports. When choosing a company operating in several industries, please focus on one industry only as otherwise you will not have enough space to provide an accurate analysis.

Read the scenario above before undertaking the tasks which will include the following:

  1. Provide a detailed introduction to your chosen
  2. Using PESTLE analysis model discuss both the positive and negative influence/impact the macro environment has on your
  3. Identify the key strengths and weakness of your business. Explain how it interrelates with your findings of the external environment discussed above.
  4. Identify/create and explain the organisational structure of your selected business. Remember to use all the learnt terminologies in this topic to
  5. Discuss a current issue that your selected business is facing and as a group solve their problem and suggest your recommendation. Remember the techniques you learnt in class for problem solving.


The full presentation must contain 12-15 presentation slides followed by 7-8 appendix slides. The appendix slides themselves will not be used in the spoken presentation. The appendix slides should provide relevant information that supports the main points of the presentation for example, it may identify additional benefits or concerns, explain theoretical justifications, or provide tables, graphs or figures or other details which would be too crowded for the presented slides.

Assignment Structure: Group PowerPoint presentation Cover Slide

This should clearly follow the cover page template in your Module Handbook: Your Name and ID, Module Name and Code, Assignment Name and Number and the Word Count.


  • Introduction to your selected
  • Structure of your

Main Body

  • PESTLE analysis for your business highlighting the influence/impact it
  • Mention the key strengths and weakness of your business.
  • Explain how the strengths and weakness interrelates with the external
  • Organisational structure of your selected
  • Select a current issue that your selected business is facing
  • Suggest a solution for the


  • Summary of your findings in this


  • References must be included in the form of Harvard
  • This is an academic presentation; therefore, proper referencing is
  • Images used should be
  • Should include in-text and Reference
  • You must also include notes elaborating the point mentioned in each


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