Module Code: BMAF007-20

Module Title: Introduction to Digital Marketing and Social Media

Words: 3000

Assessment Brief


You work as a trainee digital marketing analyst, for Cambridge Digital, a marketing consultancy company. Your company provides marketing consultancy to many medium and large organisations, both at national and international level. Your digital marketing head asked you to prepare a group presentation in PowerPoint format of 3000 words on the various areas of digital and social media marketing.

This Presentation slides should cover the following tasks:

  1. Set out what Digital Marketing is
  2. Comparative analysis of online and offline marketing concepts
  3. Discuss Key consumer trends and insights that are driving the growth and development of digital marketing
  4. Explain what Social Media Marketing is
  5. Explain the key digital tools and digital marketing platforms
  6. Digital Marketing Mix (7PS’) and explores the impact of digital marketing and social media on the traditional marketing mix of goods and services.
  7. What are social media contents and provide two examples of social media content (from any company’s website or social presences such as Facebook or Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Instagram) that really work and justification of why they
  8. Examples/Screenshots of effective campaigns from any company with reference to established models and standard for digital marketing.
  9. Provide limitations of a digital marketing
  10. Conclusion
  11. References

Submission Format

This is a group presentation, and you are required to complete the task and submit your final slides via Turnitin by the set deadline. You will work in a group of 4-5 students to prepare a presentation. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs, subsections, and illustrations as appropriate. You should employ appropriate visual aids to present the materials. Where appropriate, learning theory and additional research must be used. The recommended length of this submission is 3000 words (Main Slides and Appendix Slides).


  1. Prepare presentation (Main Slides + Appendix Slides). (Circa 3000 words)
  2. The full presentation must contain max. 10-12 slides followed by 6-7 appendix The appendix slides themselves will not be used in the spoken presentation
  3. The appendix slides should contain relevant information that supports the main points of the presentation, for example, it may identify additional benefits or concerns, explanations, and justifications, or provide tables, graphs or figures or other details which would be too crowded in the main
  4. A full reference list should be included in a separate slide at the
  5. Please do not use footnote and make sure you follow the assignment format


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