Module Code: BMG814

Word Limit: 2,500 words (+/- 10%)

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Successful students will be able to:

  1. Have an in-depth knowledge of the digital enterprise and E-Business and thorough understanding of the implications of E-Business on global trade
  2. Demonstrate a critical appreciation of the process of IT enabled change and the role of the IT manager as a change agent. In addition they will be able to show how ICT is used to create the digital enterprise.
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the use of business information systems and the role they play in optimising performance, enhancing decision-making and generating competitive advantage.
  4. Critically evaluate IT related problems by synthesising data from a variety of sources and through knowledge sharing and team-work develop solutions and formulate practical interventions that can achieve the desired outcomes.

Assignment 1 – Case Study on E-Supply Chains (70%)

Please take some time to view the following four videos (at least twice) on the future of Supply Chain Management.

Video 1. The Future of E-Supply Chains (3 mins)

Video 2. Supply Chain 2040 (10 mins)

Video 3. 8 Trends in Supply Chains (3 mins)

Video 4. Supply Chains enabling E-Commerce (9 mins)

Now answer the following 4 questions:

  1. Traditionally supply chain management was considered as a back-office function. In the future it will be more about delivering a great customer experience. How will the supply chain of the future be able to deliver exactly what the customer wants, to a location they choose and at a time that meets their needs? (video 1)
  2. As a result of Covid-19, Global Supply Chains have come under serious pressure to continue to deliver. How will tools such as ‘predictive analysis’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ help supply chain professionals better manage risk in the future? (video 2)
  3. With greater emphasis being placed on ‘re-use’ and ‘recycle’, how will future supply chains manage the need to incorporate ‘reverse flows’ and ‘circular logistics’? (video 3)
  4. There are many challenges facing supply chain management. Two of the most difficult to resolve are ‘last mile delivery’ and ‘product-returns’. Describe how new technologies can help to solve these tricky issues. (video 4)

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