MODULE TITLE: Global Strategy Development and Implementation


INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – [worth 100% of the module marks]

You have been selected to undertake a project analysing the business strategy of an international company of your choice.  Your assignment should address the following issues:

  1. Using Porter’s Five Forces model, analyse the competitive structure of one of its key markets.
  2. Analyse, using any techniques/theoretical models studied in this module, the sources of competitive advantage for the company.
  3. Critically assess the current and future challenges to the competitive position of the company.
  4. Based upon research, recommend and justify a potential market that the company could consider moving into.


The assignment should be submitted according to the following format:

Structural Guidelines:  This information is basic guidelines on what could be included in the assignment – it is not exhaustive.  It is imperative that analysis and evaluation is conducted throughout.


There should be a clear introduction that contextualises the assignment.  Signpost the reader as to what the assignment is about; what company will the assignment be based upon; what market has been selected for investigation.  The introduction is extremely important as it sets the scene for the assignment. This section could also include the importance of globalisation and that of a well-defined global strategy.

Section 1 – Porter’s Five Forces

Provide an overview of the chosen company.  This section should provide context that forms the basis of the assignment.

Introduce Porter’s model using academically credible literature.  The model should then analyse one of the key markets in which your company operates.  Analysis and critical evaluation MUST be demonstrated.

Section 2 – Analyse the sources of competitive advantage for the company

This section should use theoretical models that have been discussed throughout the module to analyse the sources of competitive advantages that the company demonstrates.  Amongst others, the following models may be considered:

Porter’s Value Chain


Cost Leadership or Differentiation

Section 3 – Current and Future Challenges

This section should critically assess the current and future challenges to the competitive position of the company.

Section 4 – Recommend a potential market

This section will consider the above three sections and using this information, will recommend a potential market that the company could consider moving into.  It is essential that research is conducted into feasible markets, a brief PESTLE analysis should assist with justifying the chosen market.


Sum up what has been identified and discussed.


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