Module code: BMGT2223

Module Subject: Responsible Business

Assignment 03: Individual strategy to overcome weaknesses in the case study organisation’s responsible business practices

word length: 2000 words

Learning outcomes:

  1. Analyse key barriers to responsible environmental, social and ethical behaviours within organisations.
  2. Propose action plans to improve organisational responses to environmental, social, and ethical opportunities and challenges.

What do I need to do to make a success of this assignment?

Building on the opportunities and challenges to becoming a responsible business identified in Assignment 01 and 02, you are required to propose a strategy to improve UW’s organisational responses to environmental, social, and ethical opportunities and challenges within 2 Business Practices and discuss how this strategy will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This specifically requires you to present the following:

Part 1: An objective identification of 2 Business Practices that will be the focus of your strategy and an evidence-based rationale for their selection.

Part 2: An evidence-based Responsible Business Strategy including a resourced Action Plan for the University of Worcester that will improve current responsible business performance of the 2 Business Practices and contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  This should also consider how the opportunities and challenges related to these 2 Business Practices which were identified within assignment 01 and analysed in assignment 02 can be addressed.

Part 3: Using evidence from credible academic and business sources and examples of actions taken by other universities, evaluate how the proposed strategy will overcome the behavioural barriers you explored in Assignment 02.

Guidance Notes:

Part 1: You should use a decision-making tool to choose the Business Practices. This tool will also help you to present the objective evidence-based rationale for their selection required by the assignment.

You can choose any of the Business Practices audited by your group in Assignment 01, you can use Business Practices audited by other group members, not yourself).

Part 2: The Action Plan should include details of implementation actions and resources required to implement them. See Assignment briefing slides for full details.

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