Module Number: BMP4006

Module Name: People and Performance

Assessment Type (and weighting): Individual Report (2000 words)

Assessment Name: Case Study: Crystal Travel

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO1: Identify the importance of effective people management in relation to organisational performance and employee wellbeing.

LO2: Identify and explain people development tools and techniques.

LO3: Identify the importance of external factors on managing people.

Assessment Brief:

Using the following case study – write a 2000-word report to answer the questions concerning the case study

Case Study: BUNI Travel

Crystal Travel is a local Travel agent based in London; it has a relatively small workforce which has been working with a traditional Personnel department. The senior management have identified the need to improve organisational performance for the company to expand and have recently discovered the difference Human Resource Management tools and techniques can make. They have employed a new Human Resources Manager and given them the opportunity to re shape the People function of the business concentrating on improving staff performance and motivation.

In your role as the new Human Resources manager; the senior management at Crystal Travel have asked for a report focusing on the following issues including possible external factors that could impact the organisations future progress:

  1. What tools and techniques will help improve organisational performance?
  2. The role of employee wellbeing in improving motivation and performance
  3. Include a PESTLE analysis for the organisation as an appendix for your report


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