Module Number: BMP5004

Module Name: Project Management

Assessment Type (and weighting): Project Management Report – 50% (2000 words)

Assessment Name: Programme Management Report

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

LO2: Develop and justify a project plan for a given scenario

LO3: Appraise project management roles and skills

LO4: Analyse project risks and constraints

Assessment Brief:

Create a detailed project plan for the construction of a community park in a residential area in south of England. The residential area has been recently developed by building new houses with the purpose of suitable transportation links to large cities nearby. This will be an ideal opportunity for professionals who would like to live in a  comfortable, spacious and quite area, while working in large cities nearby. The construction of the community park has got the approval from local council and residents have been acknowledged prior to start of the plan, including an analysis of the risks, controls, and constraints. Assess the roles and skills necessary for the successful completion of the project. Lastly, provide an overview of the research methodology that would be used to evaluate stakeholder satisfaction with the project. The aim of this project is to provide a standard access for local people to enjoy the benefits of having a green area nearby as well as children playing ground and some outdoor wellness activities. Nevertheless, some local residents may not be fully benefitting from this plan (for example some elderly that rather prefer a quieter environment, or people with no children that rather not to have a park nearby).

You should include the following:

  1. An introduction including an appraisal of the project aims and objectives.
  2. A detailed Project Plan including: –
    1. An overview of the Project
    2. An analysis of the stakeholders and their requirements
    3. An analysis of the required resources to facilitate the project.
    4. An assessment of the risks of the plan.
    5. A critical path analysis of the project including a Gantt Chart (Or similar structure) representing the timescales of the project.
    6. An outline of the supporting documentation/forms.
  1. An evaluation of your research methodology to determine stakeholder satisfaction with the project.


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