Module Number: BSM845

Module Title: Organisational Behaviour

Word length: 3000 words

Module Learning Outcomes:

  1. Review and critically evaluate contemporary issues in the context of current research in the field of organisational behaviour and their impact on elements of HRM.
  2. Analyse how organisations address and manage change, the impact of change on people management and the role of leadership in that process.
  3. Critically discuss and assess the choices organisations make in respect of their management of individuals and teams in the organisation.
  4. Evaluate how theories and models of OB and HRM are put into practice by organisations and the ethical dimensions of why and how they do this.
  5. Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of the contribution of principles-led, evidence-based decision making to organisational behaviours and outcomes.

This is the Assessment Case Study

The Green Room – A charitable organisation supporting young people with learning disabilities in Scotland.


You should address ALL of the following tasks:

  1. The Green Room management have, up to this point, tried to adopt a Soft HRM approach. Firstly, using examples from the case study and referring to relevant theories and models, explain what this is and how it has helped and/or hindered the organisation. Second, what will The Green Room need to do differently in its people management approaches now and why?
  2. Leadership and culture are intertwined in The Green Room. Using relevant theories of BOTH leadership and culture identify the strengths and weaknesses in the organisation at the moment and make some suggestions about what might need to change and why. You should also suggest how these changes will help the organisation to operate more sustainably in the future.
  3. The management of change is going to be crucial for The Green Room to be successful in a sustainable way. Using relevant theories of change management and applying these to specific examples in the case study, set out what the key changes need to be and provide a change process that could be followed by the management of The Green Room AND explain how and why this would allow for successful change.


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