Module Number: BSM847

Module Title: The Employee Lifecycle

Assessment method: People Plan

Word limit: 3000

Student Brief:

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Loch View Hotel has found themselves in need of a new conference and events team, comprising 1 supervisor role and 6 waiting staff. Your task is to develop a ‘People Plan’ for the hotel to follow in recruiting this new team, taking into consideration various steps of the workforce planning process. Retention efforts should also be taken into account. Please ensure you answer each of the four points below. The whole submission should be 3000 words (+10%) and contain appropriate academic underpinning.

You can access Loch View via the signposted link on CampusMoodle.

  1. What do you think Loch View has considered at the start of the workforce planning process with regards to the organisation, it’s values and the external environment? Please refer to academic theory and models in your response.
  2. What methods do you think Loch View should use to recruit and select this new team? Justify your response with reference to academic theory/models. You may also refer to any relevant legislation.
  3. How should Loch View ensure that their new team is managed and developed appropriately? Please refer to academic theory in your response.
  4. Summarise your recommendations for hotel management, in bullet point format. Ensure links to the organisation’s strategy are clear.

You can make assumptions about other issues which are not explicitly referred to in the case study, where appropriate.  If you do make assumptions at any point, you must clearly explain what these assumptions are and why they have been made.

You can conduct additional research into the sector by using information available on the internet, academic journals, textbooks and corporate publications, trade body reports and organisational reports to prepare your submission.

Remember to cite and reference any material you use appropriately.

Students are expected to take a holistic approach to this coursework and utilise the knowledge gained from across the module, i.e., do not rely on only one topic to inform your response.


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