Module Code: BUS5002D

Module Title: Business Processes

Using an organisation that you are familiar with, (this could be a current employer, past employer or an organisation you can research on the internet), carry out the following pieces of analysis and tasks-though not all of them require reference to your chosen organisation.

1. Identify and describe the approaches to quality management undertaken by your chosen organisation, compare these approaches to one other organisation and appraise the effectiveness of your chosen organisation’s quality management. (800 words)

2. a) Discuss different approaches to the measurement of project success. (8 marks)

b) Identify principles and examples of effective project management and discuss how these can contribute to different elements or definitions of project success. (1,000 words)

3. a) Discuss different techniques with which processes within an organisation might be analysed and improved. (25 marks)

b) Discuss how you might apply one or more of these techniques to a process within your chosen organisation. (10 marks) (1,400 words)

4. a) Discuss how aspects of the above analyses might generate opportunities for innovation and growth or any other improvements in your chosen organisation and its product. (10 marks)

b) Develop an implementation plan to assist your chosen organisation in benefiting from the opportunities you have identified.(10 marks) (800 words)

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