Programme: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business (RQF)

Unit Title: Business and Business Environment

Assessment Scenario: UK Economy disrupted due to the conflict of Russia & Ukraine


How UK Business environment reacting towards the Russia Ukraine conflict

(UK Economical issue, worldwide Social and Environmental issue can be focused, COVERS LO3 PESTLE)


Tesco becomes the latest supermarket to remove Russian products amidst Ukraine crisis, keeping their customers satisfied, showing their strength as a well-known supermarket in the UK


Specification of Assessment:

As a new graduate, you joined as a Junior Business Analyst in a UK firm. You have a cross functional role, working closely with different areas of current business to identify business potentials based on their types, size, and scope, to find out the interrelationship of the various functions to benefit the business, risk assessments over the impact of Macro (Political, Economic, Social issues due to Russia Ukraine conflict) and Microenvironment. You have been asked to prepare a report for your team to familiarize them with the different aspects of the business environment and their impact. You are required to make effective use of headings, paragraphs, and subsections as appropriate. The report should be referenced using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 2,500–3,000 words, although you will not be penalized for exceeding the total word limit. You must prepare a written report to your manager with clear explanations of the various functions within an organization and how they link to organizational structure.

Your report should address the following criteria (Covering LO1 & LO2):

  • Explain different types and purposes of organizations; Public, private, and voluntary sectors and legal structures: (Learners need to identify purposes of different types of organization. Learner can discuss private, public, voluntary, co-operative, and charitable organizations nature and their structures. Discuss the range of legal structures associated with different forms of business: sole traders, partnerships, and private limited companies.)
  • Explain the size and scope of a range of different types of organizations and analyses how those aspects are linked to the business objectives: (Learner should select at least two organisations from each type above and explain their size, scope, structure Differences between large, medium-sized, and small organizations including objectives and goals, market share, profit share, growth, and sustainability. Discuss Global growth and developments of transnational, international and global organizations. Discuss Market forces and economic operations e.g., scarcity and choice, supply and demand, income elasticity. Stakeholders and responsibilities of organizations can be explained eventually. Analyze how the structures, size, and scope of different organizations (public, private and NOGs) are linked to the business objectives and product and services offered by organization.
  • Explain the relationship between different organizational functions and how they link to organizational objectives and structure: (You should explain the following functions of selected organization of your choice: (i) marketing (ii) operation/production, (iii) finance, (iv) human resources. You need to explain various types of organizational structure e.g., functional structure, divisional structure, Strategic Business Units, Bureaucratic, postbureaucratic and matrix. You need to establish relationships between the functions, objectives, and structure. Analyze the interrelationships between the functions and the impact that can have upon organizational structure. Provide critical analysis of the complexities of different organizations and structures of your choice.

Your Power Point Presentation should address the following criteria (Covering LO3 & LO4):

[Presentation will take place week commencing 17 June 2022]

As a Junior Business Analyst your earlier report has been approved, you have now been asked to make a Power point Presentation. The presentation should be presented to the CEO of relevant and should cover the followings topics:

  • Identify the positive and negative impacts the macro environment has on business operations, supported by specific examples: (Applying PESTLE analysis, learners should identify and discusses the various macro environments’ positive and negative impact on the business, also should show the organization response to the impact. PESTLE model can be used to support a detailed analysis of the macro environment within organization of your choice)
  • Conduct internal and external analysis of specific organization in order to identify strengths and weaknesses: (Explain SWOT analysis for a specific organization and justify how they influence decision-making in organization of your choice)
  • Explain how “Strengths and Weaknesses” interrelate with external macro factors: (Explain the inter-relationship Strengths and Weaknesses with the PASTLE factors of the Macro environment of an organization of your choice. How the macro environment influences/impacts upon business activities: the impact of the digital revolution on production and consumption; the impact of social technologies; cyberspace security; emerging BRICS markets, the global shift in economic and social power and ethical and sustainable growth should be critically evaluated. How organizations go through the transformation process and overcome resistance to change in response to the changing market environment.)


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