Module Code: CIS7031

Module Subject: Programming for Data Analysis

Assessment Title: Develop and evaluate a prediction model using various data science techniques

Learning Outcomes

This assessment is designed to demonstrate a student’s completion of the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Critically analyse and evaluate various statistical and computational techniques for analysing datasets and determine the most appropriate technique for a business problem;
  • Critically evaluate, develop and implement solutions for processing datasets and solving complex problems in various environments using relevant programming paradigms;
  • Evaluate and apply key steps and issues involved in data preparation, cleaning, exploring, creating, optimizing and evaluating models;
  • Evaluate and apply aspects of data science applications and their use.


The Cardiff Met EDGE supports students in graduating with the knowledge, skills, and attributes that allow them to contribute positively and effectively to the communities in which they live and work.

This module assessment provides opportunities for students to demonstrate development of the following EDGE Competencies:

ETHICAL Students will be required to consider Ethical implication of
their analysis and follow the necessary ethical approval
processes while addressing problems associated with the
DIGITAL Students will be required to demonstrate digital skills in the
collation of data and analysis for their project.
GLOBAL Students  will  demonstrate  an  awareness  of  the  global
context and apply this to their assessment
ENTREPRENEURIAL Students   will   also   demonstrate   their   developed
entrepreneurial through working under their own initiative,
formulating and presenting recommendations in order to
solve an authentic and complex problem associated with
the module.


Assessment Requirements / Tasks (include all guidance notes)

For this assignment you are asked to analyse, develop and evaluate a prediction model using any dataset of your choice and critically analyse the various techniques used. Although you can choose the dataset, it needs to be approved by the teaching team. The work will involve steps for data preparation, cleaning and exploring the dataset. You also need to compile a report containing the following sections.

  • Analysis and interpretation of results
  • Critical review of the techniques used (3000 words approx.)
  • Reflect upon your experience
  • A short (less than 5 minutes) video summarizing the key points of your coursework. This video will be a useful addition to your Personal Development Portfolio and will help you when applying for jobs. You can create this video using CAM Studio or some other screen capture software such as recordMyDesktop (works only on Linux). Please note that you need to upload your video to Moodle and include a youtube link in report.
  • Include relevant references to the source materials, techniques and tools used.


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