Module Code: CMA4001

Module Title: Construction Methods, Materials and Technology

Assessment component:

Component 1: Individual video presentation (15 minutes) (25%)

Component 2: Essay (2000 words) (75%)

Component 1 – Video Presentation (15 mins)

You are required to use the scenario below for this component. Based on the proposed development scenario, you are required to prepare and present and record an individual video presentation (Approx. 10 – 12 PowerPoint slides) to explain the different structural forms that could be used in the production of a development, which will include domestic houses, a supermarket, and a medical surgery. You also need to discuss choices of suitable materials for the development project.

Presentation Guidance:

You can structure your PowerPoint slides as follow:

Slides 1 – 2 = Introduction

Slides 3 – 4 = Construction technology concepts, and your rationale for choosing your proposed type of construction

Slides 5 – 6 = Key features and design elements, including rationale.

Slides 7 – 8 = Chosen materials profiling and lifecycle.

Slides 9 – 10 = Conclusion and reference list.

Note: this is an advisory structure, you may choose your own structure within the 10 – 12 slides limit.

Proposed Development Scenario

You have been appointed as a trainee Project Manager for a small-medium size construction company, which is working as part of the Project Management team to deliver a new multi-use development project. You have been asked to outline your proposal and chosen methods to a board for final decision during a 15-minute presentation.

The development includes 90 new domestic houses ranging from two-bedroom houses through to five-bedroom detached family homes. The development will also include a new civic centre comprising of a 2000m2 supermarket and a medical centre.

The Project Architect has asked you to explore the different types of construction methods and materials that could be used for the building of the three different structural forms that make up the project. Once you have done this, you will need to select an appropriate construction method for each type of building and present this during your presentation including the reasons for your choice.

The images provided below are those of the designers’ impression of the proposed buildings.

Component 2 – Essay (2000 words)

Selecting an example of one of the buildings above (e.g. residential, medical centre or supermarket), you are required to compose a 2000-word essay covering the following information:

  1. Materials selection in relation to human comfort requirements.

This should include:

    • Identifying and describing the factors which affect human comfort for your chosen building.
    • Explaining the function and design of building services for your chosen building to ensure human comfort.
    • Providing solutions to indoor environmental quality issues to overcome thermal, illumination, sound, and ventilation issues in your chosen building.
    • Discussing the standard building services installed in your choice of building to meet appropriate human comfort levels.
  1. Health and safety regulations and their impact on the use, storage, and handling of construction materials.

This should include:

    • Identifying the relevant regulations and describing their impact on the use, storage, and handling of the construction materials used in your selected building.
    • Explaining how risk assessments can be used to monitor and control risks associated with the use, storage, and handling of the construction materials listed above.

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