Assignment 4 brief:

Due Tuesday the 13th of April

This assignment is worth 30 marks (30% of your total grade) and is divided into 2 sections worth 15 marks each. You must pick a brand of your choice and use advertisements for that brand as a source for analysis in response to key concepts from class. Each section will be in response to a combination of concepts of your choice. For section 1 you must choose two concepts from column A, and pair these with another two concepts from column B, then select another different pair from both columns for section 2:

Column A


Commodity fetishism

Elusive surplus



The thirty year cycle


Column B





Parasocial relationships

The attention economy

Each section you write will contain two concepts from Column A, and two concepts from Column B. These concepts should be used together to create the framework for your analysis. You should use entirely different concepts from the lists above in each section. Please indicate below the combinations of concepts you have picked for your sections:

Section 1

From column A: ____________ and ____________. From column B: ____________ and ____________.


Section 2

From column A: ____________ and ____________. From column B: ____________ and ____________.


Write the name of the brand that you have picked in the box below. It must be different from what you have focused on in your previous assignments:


Type your two sections on the following pages and then upload them as a single file, including this cover page, to the appropriate area on the course page on MyCC on the day of the deadline. You should aim to write between 900 and 1100 words for each section. You may include screenshots and format these sections as multiple paragraphs if you wish. Please be aware that in each section you are responding to different set of concepts while reflecting on the same brand.

Your assignment will be marked according to the following criteria:

Knowledge and understanding

Your assignment should include a detailed discussion of concepts relevant to this course that demonstrates to the reader your knowledge and understanding of the assigned material. You should not simply repeat basic definitions but include your own discussion of these concepts and apply them to examples in a way that shows your own understanding of them.

Analysis and discussion

Your discussion should include your own analysis of academic theories about your selected concepts, and closely relate these to examples of advertisements from the brand that you have indicated in the box above. You should avoid being descriptive and focus your discussion on the meanings and implications of the concepts your are covering in light of your examples, and make an effort to combine all of the concepts you have selected in each section into a cohesive discussion. You should not use the same brand as in your previous assignments in this course.

Academic skills

Assignments should be written using clear language and carefully proofread. All references, quotations, and paraphrased passages must be properly cited if you decide to include any, however a bibliography is not required for this assignment. You may use any appropriate citation format as long as it is clear and consistent. You may submit your assignment in PDF or Word format and you must include these cover pages. Your submission must also include your name and ID number below. If you do not submit your assignment by the deadline it will be considered late. If you require an extension for any significant reason, then you must email me well in advance of the deadline.

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