Module Code: COM1100

Module Title: Communications Technologies

Assignment 1: Cultural Intelligence

This assignment is based on what we’ve learned during the first three weeks of class. It will give you the opportunity to communicate about cultural intelligence in a current business situation.

Select a news article that has been published over the last 12 months. It must feature a Canadian organization (corporation, government or not‐for‐profit) that also has a foreign content or connection. For example, if a Canadian company were opening a new plant in another country this would be newsworthy. Other examples could be the negotiation of a trade agreement by the Canadian government, or the acquisition of a foreign company. For the purposes of this exercise the foreign country cannot be the US.


  • First, provide a summary of the article. Then describe what the organization expects to achieve (its goals) in the foreign land. For example, it may be that the organization’s goal to achieve greater sales or heightened awareness around a particular issue. The topic may not always be good news.
  • Next, based on what you have learned about communications, culture and language create a compelling narrative that addresses the cutlural intelligence required for the Canadian organization to achieve its goal. Your story must cite factual evidence, with sources, and convey a clear picture through language.

There are two installments as part of this assignment, each worth 10%.

For the first installment, worth 10%, is a written narrative ( report) , double‐spaced, no more than 1000 words. Students are encouraged to use headings, bullet points and visuals to enhance their ability to communicate effectively! Please include your references in APA format at the end of the report. References do not count towards the 1000 words.

Installment two is a 5‐ to 6‐minute professional, creative presentation (accompanied by approx 8‐10 slides). Slides need to be submitted on Brightspace before class starts on presentation day. There are no opportunities for you to present if you are late. Your grade will result in zero.


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