Assessment task details and instructions

Word count/ duration (if applicable)

The word count for each of the 3 questions are given above under each of the questions. The overall word count for the whole of the coursework is 5000 words indicative.

There are 3 Questions to be answered in this coursework and all details are provided below:

  1. Shen, et al (2004) and several other researchers in the construction industry examined waste management in construction sites. However, waste management is a broader concept not just limited to site management. A lot of commentators argue that the scope of waste management should be much wider, and that better value can be realised and achieved if waste management is considered very early in the design and construction life cycle. By researching into this area from both a process and waste management perspective (as two different bodies of knowledge) write a critical essay on how the build-up of waste can be minimised and costs can be optimised across the construction process.[Maximum word count for the critical essay is 2000. This includes cover sheets, any table of contents, any appendices (if any) and the reference list. Please ensure that no irrelevant appendices are added as it will unduly increase word count without adding much value to your mark]

    Please note that the referencing style to be used is APA 7th . Please refer for all documentation related to APA 7th style guides and other details (40 Marks)

  2. You are required to construct a risk register for the below type of project based on the following details.

    Identify eight possible risk events (from areas such as environmental constraints, planning, procurement of materials, labour supply and plant hire / movement, health and safety and other specific circumstances of project) for a city centre project delivering a high-rise block of apartments and construct an appropriate risk register to include the chosen risk events. (the risk register should include / demonstrate the risk analysis into components and the overall risks (any associated colour coding), in the case of any interventions into mitigating any of the high risks and the resultant or the residual risks after the mitigation measures, and illustration of ownership of risks). You are also required to construct a list of assumptions and / or considerations in articulating your risk events.

    [The risk register table and the list of assumptions indicative word count = 1000 words] [No referencing is required for Q2 (15 Marks)
  3. A housing developer has plans to develop a major residential estate in the outskirts of Manchester. They have put forward a plan to the local council to construct 100 housing units with other facilities, infrastructure and a recreation area. Their proposal also includes a localised urban drainage system so as not to put pressure on existing infrastructure facilities and services. The developer has already suggested a shorter construction duration so that the commercial advantages can be realised earlier amidst several competing housing developments coming up in the area. Due to the shorter length of construction, it is anticipated that the builders will incorporate an offsite manufacturer within their team to consider using such modern techniques to ensure timely completion.

You are required to answer the following 4 parts based on the above scenario in Q3:

  • Iden(fy and Discuss the stakeholder engagement plan to optimise the participation of the stakeholders in this proposed housing development. [indicative word count = 750 words] (20 Marks)
  • Discuss the role of resource leveling and effective management of the construction programme to achieve shorter construction time within the proposed housing development. [Indicative word count = 500 words] (10 Marks)
  • The scenario mentions the incorporation of a ‘sustainable urban drainage system’ within the development. Briefly explain 5 possible ways in which such a scheme will positively impact the environment. [Indicative word count = 250 words] (5 Marks)
  • According to the RICS Guidance note (2017) “if Value Management (VM) is to have a significant impact, then it must be used from a very early stage of the project”. Discuss this rationale for the use of VM for the design and construction of housing in this development scheme. [Indicative word count = 500 words] (10 Marks)


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