Module Title: Digital and Social Media Marketing

Module Code: BMGT3000

Assignment 2: Case Study Report

Word Limit: 2500 words

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. Critically analyse challenges, and opportunities of tactical and strategic roles, in digital and social media marketing.
  2. Critically analyse technological forces that affect a company’s digital and social media marketing presence.
  3. Critically analyse tools, performance measurement and mechanisms to enhance digital social media marketing strategy for a business case.

Written Report (Individual): Case Study

Please choose ONE case study and complete the assessment as follows:

option 1: Case study: Spotify streaming develops new revenue models

option 2: Case Study: Dell Gets closer to its Customers through its Social Media Strategy

option 3: Case study: Refining the online customer experiences at

 You are required to:

  • Critically analyse environmental forces (micro and macroeconomic environment) that affect the business’s digital media presence (AC1).
  • Analyse and evaluate the current digital presence of the chosen case study and establish the key strategic problem which is supported by relevant academic theories, concepts and models (AC2).
  • Critically develop digital segmentation, target market analysis and positioning strategy (STP) that are aligned to the business case study (strategic digital and social media marketing). Thus, you are to develop a digital and social media strategy that contemplate the strategic and tactical roles of social media and digital marketing (AC3).
  • Critically analyse tools, performance measurement and mechanisms to evaluate the impact of digital and social media marketing. The appropriateness of performance measurement for digital channels and evaluation and improvement should be discussed for the chosen case study. Thus, your discussion should outline tools and measurement mechanisms that the chosen business is using OR could be implemented to evaluate the impact of digital and social media marketing (AC4).
  • As a result of your evaluation and critical analysis, you are to provide recommendations and solutions for the chosen case study. Your recommendations must be congruent with environmental analysis, case problem, digital STP, performance measurement and mechanisms (AC5).

Thus, the assignment requires you to demonstrate your skills of observation, analysis, and problem-solving, together with an understanding of digital and social media marketing. The case should not be seen and analysed in isolation, but within the wider context using academic sources and databases such as Mintel and Euromonitor, among others.  Throughout your report, you should adhere to the case content, the logic of arguments (case presentation), critical issues and key problems that supported the case analysis (case-building). Your conclusions and recommendations should be congruent with strategic analysis (case solution) and market segmentation and targeting strategy. All points must be supported by the business concepts, theories, and models. Lastly, organisation and logical flow of analysis and using Harvard formatting are required.

How should I present my work?

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction (Brief analyse of environmental forces: micro and microeconomic environment) – (approx. 250 words) AC1
  • Critical issues and key problem – (approx. 750 words) AC2
  • Digital STP – (approx. 500 words) AC3
  • Performance measurement and mechanism – (approx. 700 words) AC4
  • Conclusion and case solution – (approx. 300 words) AC5
  • References (not included in word count)
  • Appendices, among others (not included in word count)

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