Module Code: XGBSHN4992

Module Title: Ethics, Society & Employability

Assessment type: Infographic and Summary Statement

Short introduction to the task:

Choose one of the following topics:

  • Disability and health inequalities,

  • Ethnicity and health inequalities,

  • Gender and health inequalities,

  • Age and health inequalities


Infographic: Include disease rates and social issues your chosen group face (Solution)

Summary statements: Explain why these health inequalities exist and identify solutions.

Use lots of examples and clearly written sections in your supporting statement to explain your understanding of your chosen organisations wider role in raising awareness of inequalities or social injustice  the UK.


Template: For infographic and supporting statement


  • Choose own title and images for the infographic
  • Include visual and written statistics including:
  • Mortality rates
  • Disease and illness rates higher in this group such as lifestyle diseases for example cardiovascular disease and mental illness
  • Social issues such as employment and poverty.
    1. 3 disease/illness rates and 3 social issues that your chosen group face
    2. Explain why these health inequalities exist (use statistics to show disparities/inequalities in health)
    3. National responses :  2 legislations /policies relevant to your chosen group
    4. Identify two charities that support your group


Supporting Statement (1000 words):

Introduction: (150 words)

Define your group and explain why they might be at risk of health inequalities

Main Body:

Section 1. Make a heading for the four most important points on your infographic and write under the headings.

Explain the statistics you have found under each heading

For example:

Higher rates of Mental Illness

Low rates of access to Health Care

Under each subheading explain why the group could be at risk of this issue and solutions to overcome the challenges

Section 2.National Response to reduce health inequalities in your chosen group
Under this heading discuss two examples of what has been done to address the inequalities and social injustice of the people in your chosen topic. This could be new policy, benefits, public campaign to raise awareness, support group.

Section 3. Organisations that support chosen group
Under this heading write about a charity which supports the group you have chosen in your infographic. Talk about how the charity helps people featured in your infographic
State the goals (e.g. what does it set out to achieve for your chosen disability.
For example, it might conduct research which you should outline here


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