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Today, the world has been digitalised to the extent that people can send messages across countries within seconds. In fact, you can also video call your friends settled abroad anytime you want. Hence, undoubtedly the world has now become a global village. One must wonder that in such a scenario, what is the need of knowing the format of something which has become obsolete? Indeed, letters are no more in trend not because we do not want to write them but because we are not required to due to technological development. However, it must be noted that although they are not written frequently, on some occasions, we do use them even now. This is because they are much more special and personal than a text message. In fact, the idea of writing a letter to someone special and then spending days anticipating their reply has long been romanticised in Bollywood movies. Today, the culture of writing letters is being revived by people who belong to the new generation but are still old school from inside. The invitation cards for marriages are written in the form of personal letters these days. They are sometimes also sent along with the gifts you send for your loved ones. There are several other reasons for which personal letters are written even in the 21st century. Hence, they have not become redundant yet. Thus, you should keep on reading this piece till the end to acquaint yourself with the ideal format of different types of personal letter.

How to write a personal letter ?

  • Full name and the address of the sender

Begin your personal letter by writing your full name and address on the page’s top right corner. Do not forget to mention the date below the address.

  • Full name and address of the recipient

The full name and address of the recipient are written on the left side of the page.

  • Salutation

The most common and popular way in which salutation is written is by using the word of endearment ‘dear’ followed by the recipient’s name. This word expresses the sender’s affection for the person the letter is addressed to.

  • A subject line (you can choose to skip it)

A subject line is compulsorily added in personal business letters. However, you can conveniently choose to skip it while writing personal letters.

  • The introductory paragraph

The initial paragraph of the personal letter just briefly introduces the purpose for which it has been written.

  • Body paragraphs

There is no fixed rule regarding the number of body paragraphs to be included in a personal letter. However, if you have the skill of saying more in fewer words, it would definitely give you an advantage. Short and sweet messages are usually everybody’s favourite. Hence, you will produce a letter that will not be too long but still be impactful.

  • A concluding paragraph

The last paragraph of the personal letter must conclude your message or request. If you want the recipient to reply, you must specify it in the letter’s last line.

  • A signing-off note

Thank the recipient for taking out the time and putting an effort to read your letter.

  • First name or full name of the sender

End your letter by writing your first or full name, whatever you prefer.

Format of a Personal Business Letter:

The technicalities related to a personal business letter’s structure and format are almost similar to that of a personal letter. However, there are three differences listed below that you must keep in mind.

  • Subject line

Personal business letters must include a subject line that is not too long but still conveys the letter’s purpose in its entirety. You can also underline it if the concern or query expressed in the letter needs an urgent reply.

  • Body paragraphs

A personal business letter must be short because it is addressed to the authorities, who regularly receive thousands of similar kinds of letters. They only have few minutes to invest in a single letter. Thus, add only essential details and remove the unnecessary ones. An ideal personal business letter should take only one page.

  • Signing-off note and signature

Always remember that a personal business letter is a formal piece. Hence, the signing-off note must also be formally written. This part also contains your full name and contact information (your contact number and business email id).

 How to write a personal reference letter ?

Personal recommendation letters, also known as personal reference letters, follow the same format as personal business letters. These are written for multiple purposes. The colleges, universities, and job interviews often demand recommendation letters written by professors, previous bosses, or friends at prominent positions in esteemed institutions. As the name suggests, these types of letters recommend you to the concerned authority. These letters inform them about your strengths, weaknesses, and whether you are an ideal candidate for them.

End note: 

Hence, personal letters of all kinds are still written on an everyday basis for different reasons. Thus, knowing the art of how to write one would always be advantageous for you. Do learn the format of a personal letter to save yourself from the embarrassment of saying that you do not know how to write one when somebody asks you to. You can also visit when you are needed to write a personal letter if you do not want to memorise anything. Personal letters are loved and cherished by the world even today. Hence, the coming generations must keep the trend of writing personal letters alive.

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