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Format to impressive college essay

College essays are written for different purposes. All the renowned universities worldwide often make students write essays during the admission process. Professors of almost all academic disciplines give essays as assignments quite frequently. Essay-writing competitions, which are conducted at national and international levels, also demand proficiency in essay-writing skills. Furthermore, the undergraduate and postgraduate students who pursue their studies in renowned colleges are mandatorily required to write research papers. If they already know how to write a great essay, it helps them also. Hence, every college-going student needs to have the knowledge of what is the best format to write an impressive college essay. Keep on reading this till the end, and you will never have to worry about the best format to impressive college essay:

  • Title

The first and foremost thing that an essay contains is the title. Sometimes, the title is already given by the professors. However, many times, they specify what the students have to focus on in two to three sentences. Hence, students are supposed to think the title themselves. On rare occasions, the students are given full freedom to write about any topic they like. In the second and third cases, when you are required to write a title yourself, try to make it sound fancy and impressive by employing literary devices. However, it should be informative as well. It must be able to clearly convey the main focus of your essay.

  • Introduction

The introductory paragraphs should give a general overview of the topic. Save the details and examples for the subsequent sections. Remember that your aim is to make the beginning intriguing so that the reader looks forward to reading your entire essay. Usually, what happens is that if the initial paragraphs are monotonous, readers tend to leave it mid-way. You surely don’t want this to happen to your essay too. Hence, the introduction should be powerful enough to hook the reader throughout the essay. With regards to the language, it can be formal or informal, depending on the instructions given.

  • Add Thesis Statement in Your Introduction

The thesis statement is the central argument or main idea of your essay. The formulation of the thesis statement demands some extra effort on the part of the student. This is because it consists of just a single line. Hence, it has to be brief and concise, but you cannot compromise on the information that it conveys. Thus, give yourself some extra time to clearly think about it and only then write the thesis statement.

  • Body

The body should ideally have two or three paragraphs. However, the body can consist of more paragraphs, depending on the length of your essay. This section should have the examples regarding the topic explained in detail. However, you must remember that some topics do not require the enlisting of examples. In those cases, write the sub-arguments instead. Always keep in mind that an ideal essay flows smoothly even when it presents multiple different ideas. For this purpose, your sub-arguments should not be explained just like that. Instead, they should be well-connected by explicitly mentioning how each of them relates to the main argument.

It is noteworthy that sometimes the professors ask students to write essays that do not focus on a specific topic but another work written by some author. In such cases, do not summarize the points. Instead, critically engage with the narrative. Even if you choose to directly present the ideas proposed by the author of the work you are engaging with, do add your own analysis as well. This extra effort is sure to fetch you higher grades.

  • Conclusion

Writing a conclusion involves the summing up of all the ideas in the last paragraph. There should always be a conclusion in an essay. Never end it abruptly. This is essential because you want your reader to feel that your essay is coherent. If you do not attempt a conclusion, your college essay would be nothing but just a random collection of ideas. In the conclusion part, pay special attention to the last line. It should be able to leave an impact on the minds of the readers.

  • Proofread Your Essay

Proofreading refers to the rereading of your essay, detection, and correction of the errors after its completion. It cannot be emphasised enough that how important proofreading is. Students usually submit their work the moment they finish it. However, you should understand that even if you simultaneously look for mistakes in your essay when you are writing it, you still might overlook many of them. Hence, it is wise if you proofread your essay. Most of the time, the students save many marks by just indulging in this simple proofreading activity.

Hence, do not panic or get intimidated when somebody asks you to attempt an essay. Just research enough about the topic and keep the above-points regarding the format of the essay in mind. If you do so, you will definitely be able to write a brilliant essay, which will win you applause from your professors or whosoever is concerned.

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