Module Code: HOTL6002

Module Subject: Creating the Hotel Customer

Assignment 2: Marketing Promotion Campaign

Word limit:1500 words in total (plus or minus 10%)

Learning Outcomes assessed:

  1. Compare methods for customer segmentation in a tourism and hospitality context
  2. Employ culturally sensitive marketing strategies to attract and retain the hotel customer

Why this assessment

This assessment will enable the application of culturally-sensitive promotional strategies to attract and retain customers from a range of source countries to a hotel. It draws on the work completed in Assessment 1 and expands on it to devise a detailed promotional campaign that uses one medium for the same hotel used in Assessment 1.

Your Task

The assessment will require that you use the same hotel from Assessment 1 in order to develop your campaign. This second assessment requires:

the development of a detailed promotional campaign for submission to the management of your selected hotel (it will not be submitted but you should act as if it is)

the campaign is digital and carries a specific marketing message about the hotel.

Other information about this assessment

Your assignment will be a 1500-word report to management explaining the rationale and details of the marketing campaign and requesting approval to proceed with it. It must contain the following elements:

  1. Introduction to the campaign (about 100 words) – introduce the task and its purpose.
  2. Describe the Target Audience (Not included in word count or grading) – summarised from Assessment 1.
  3. A descriptive goal of this campaign using a S.M.A.R.T. objective (about 20 words).
  4. Rationale for the campaign (about 400 words) – explain the reasons why this campaign is necessary for the hotel to attract your identified target audience. Explain the cultural considerations you will take into account when developing the campaign for your specific target audience
  5. Branding message details and reasoning (about 300 words) – present the positioning strategy for the hotel and a relevant, culturally-sensitive message that you wish to use in the campaign. Rationalise your recommendation. As this is specifically targeting your selected segment, develop a relevant strategy instead of copying the current slogan.
  6. Medium to be used and its details (about 300 words) – explain the promotional channels you will use based on your research/expectations in Assessment 1 and why you think it/they will be accessed by the target audience and how it/they will be accessed.
  7. A Broad Budget (about 150 words) – A broad split between ABL, BTL and Dev/Production allowances
  8. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the campaign details (about 200 words) – detail the KPI’s that you will set for this campaign to identify success. Include a timeline showing when you plan to achieve them.
  9. Reference List – a list of supportive industry and academic references – minimum 6.


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