Personal Narrative Essay?

A personal narrative essay is a personal story that the students write for their college applications, assignments, or other academic purposes. The universities, college professors, and school teachers make the students write this as it gives them an insight into students’ life. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to make a careful choice with respect to the experience you will share. You do not have to worry if you do not have anything extraordinary to tell. Just keep in mind that the experience might be ordinary, but the writer’s proficiency can transform it into a special one. Write it in a way that it inspires the readers, offers them a lesson, or add some meaning to their lives.  One can also choose to structure one’s story around a specific theme like success, failure, love, relationships, family, etc.

An ideal personal narrative essay must have:

After selecting the topic, the following points must be followed to write an ideal personal narrative essay:

  • Write Your Story in the First-Person

The students should always write a personal narrative essay in the first-person voice. The readers must feel that it is your story and not somebody else’s. You are also required to make a personal connection with the readers. For that purpose, your story should not just be an objective narrativization of the events, but it must also contain your personal commentary throughout the essay. In other words, you have to mention how you personally understand or what you feel about the events of your life that you are writing about.

  • Use the Tenses Carefully

It is easy to use tenses correctly when one writes an essay. However, students often misuse tenses while writing a personal narrative essay. Although most of it will be written in past tense only because of the description of past experiences. However, remember to use present or future tenses while talking about how the lessons taught by those experiences impacting your present or how they will help you in the future, respectively.

  • Make the Beginning Interesting

The beginning of your story should be able to hook the reader. Try to be creative and make it interesting. It should excite the readers to the extent that they become curious to know what will happen next. Always remember that a good beginning can help the story move forward smoothly. However, if you compromise on this part, you will struggle to proceed with the story further. Hence, spend a considerable amount of time and effort while writing the beginning of your story.

  • Do Not Forget to Write Thesis Statement

Just because a personal narrative essay is written like a story, do not assume that you can avoid writing a thesis statement. Essays essentially contain a thesis statement. Hence, the personal narrative essay also cannot do without it. However, the thesis statement would not sound as formal as that of a research paper in this case. Instead, it will have a personal touch to it, just like the entire piece.

  • Paragraphs Should be Well-Connected

Professors and teachers often complain to their students regarding the incoherence and lack of flow in their work. Hence, your personal narrative should not just be a random collection of paragraphs. Instead, they should be well-connected. Students must understand that humans aim to make sense out of everything. Hence, a vaguely written narrative would fail to impress anybody.

  • Make the Ending Impactful

The ending of the story should be powerful enough to leave a long-lasting impact on the readers. It must make them think about the story long after it comes to an end. In the last paragraph, pay special attention to the last line. It should be constructed in a manner that it captures the essence of the entire story. Sometimes, it is just the last line that touches the hearts of the readers so much that they start associating the last line’s excellence to the entire story. Hence, it is extremely significant for your personal narrative to have a great ending.

  • Proofread Your Personal Narrative Essay

Do not ever submit your personal narrative essay without proofreading it. You may think that you must have written everything correctly in the first attempt only. However, it is impossible for anybody not to commit even a single mistake in their first draft. Even if you have read every paragraph after its completion while writing the story, still reread the full piece again. The reason behind this is that when you read your entire personal narrative essay in a linear order, you will get to know if it flows smoothly or not. You will never be able to figure out this by just reading the paragraphs individually. Hence, always make it mandatory to proofread your work after its completion.

Hence, there is hardly any need to get intimidated when your professors ask you to write a personal narrative essay. Just keep the above points in mind, and you will definitely be able to produce a brilliant piece that will help you impress your instructors.

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