Serving in the role of human resources consultants, select an organisation within which you can conduct research to complete this assignment.  The company must have a person responsible for the HR function.


Part A: (15 Marks) – Company Research

Conduct an in-depth interview (via email or virtually) with the HR manager or supervisor (or someone in a comparable position) to familiarize your team with the company and HR-related practices.  Obtain information about the company’s mission statement, values, strategic goals/directions, and other points of interest you think are relevant to your consulting project. Some of this data may also be obtained via Internet or printed documentation available from the company.

Part A should include a list of the interview questions that you asked and the manager’s corresponding answers (EACH GROUP IS TO REVIEW DRAFT QUESTIONS PRIOR TO INTERVIEW).  The interview results should be presented in a typed version in your final report. Also include the name, title, and business phone number of your company contact (business card is acceptable). Make sure all interview questions are relevant to the project.


Part B: (20 Marks) – Performance Appraisal System

Select one classification of employees compensated with either wages or salaries at the management, professional or non-management level.

Review the job description for this classification and analyze the current performance appraisal system.  Suggest changes or improvements to the current system.  If there is not a system for this job classification, then design an effective appraisal program, studied in this course, which is aligned with the corporate direction.  Provide a rationale for the performance management system that you designed.  (Refer to Chapter 8 power point). 

Include copy of the job description or any supporting documentation in your final report.  The job description can be one you obtain or one you create for the chosen position).


Part C: (15 Marks) – Compensation

Identify and explain the current types of pay incentive programs for this position and make a recommendation for any amendments for these incentives. If none exists, what incentive system would you recommend for this job classification to motivate them to high performance.  Support your recommendations with references to theories of incentive plans and why you believe such incentive plans are beneficial to this company. (Refer to Chapters 9 & 10 in the power points).


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