INDG1150 Assignment 3 – Major Essay [1500 words] – 50%

Brief: The major essay is your major piece of assessment that requires you to critically examine an aspect of Indigenous history.  Students will be expected to critically analyse primary and secondary sources that relate to the topics below. Essays should include a thesis or argument, rather than be purely descriptive. The thesis should be clearly stated in the introduction be developed throughout the body of the essay and demonstrated in the conclusion.  An extract from the assessment rubric is included below.  For example, to provide ‘highly distinctive work’ students need to write an essay that exemplifies the following:

‘Excellent introduction, the scope, aims, thesis or organisational theme/s of the essay fully and coherently explained. Question thoroughly introduced and backgrounded in terms of existing research critique. Key terms and definitions thoroughly discussed and referenced.  Extensive, relevant and current reading.  All aspects of the question are addressed in depth.  Detailed and insightful analysis of the issues with very strong readership and command of the field.  Highly original work. Very well written, logically structured.  Clear, plausible, relevant and strong conclusions drawn. All sources appropriately acknowledged using the correct referencing style. Free of spelling and grammatical errors with exemplary attention to technical detail, submission and presentation formats.’

Referencing Style: Chicago

Format:  Essay body text should be 12 point an be in in Times New Roman font in a word doc. Lines need to be one and one-half spaced and lengthy quotations need to be indented and single spacing (without quotation marks). A margin of 4cm on the right hand side for markers comments and 2cm for all other sides is required.

Choose one essay topic:

  1. The Cherokee author Thomas King once wrote of history that “Most of us think history is the past. It’s not. History is the stories we tell about the past. That’s all it is. Stories. Such a definition might make the enterprise of history seem neutral. Benign. Which, of course, it isn’t.”

Do you agree with the above statement? Why/why not? Discuss, with reference to Australian history and Indigenous peoples. NB: students can if they wish focus on a specific historical period or event, covered in the course, in answering this question.

  1. Critically analyse the success or failure of A O Neville’s assimilation policies in the 20th century
  2. Frontier conflict is a myth! Critically analyse this interpretation of history
  3. Aboriginal Civil and Political rights were resolved in the 1960s. Critically examine this statement.
  4. Contrast the Black armband and White armband versions of Australian history. Critically examine to determine which one is right.
  5. Critically analyse whether reconciliation has successfully benefitted or failed Aboriginal peoples.
  6. Argue for or against the proposition that AO Neville should have been tried for crimes against humanity
  7. Paul Keating’s Redfern Speech in 1992 was arguably a more genuine and authentic than Kevin Rudd’s Apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008. Argue for or against.


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