Module Code: M181LON

Module Title: International Business Strategy

Coursework 1 – Individual Presentation (slides)

Learning Outcomes (LOs) Assessed by this Assignment:

  1. Critically examine how contemporary drivers of change affect strategic business decisions internationally
  2. Critically appraise the key elements of the strategic management knowledge base and utilise a range of integral analytical and strategic tools to inform strategy solutions
  3. Debate contemporary business issues relating to strategic management policy

Assignment Guidelines:

The aim of this coursework is to critically analyse of the environment in which a particular international company operates, and to complete a critical appraisal of the strategic development of the selected company and come up with realistic recommendations for improvement. The analysis should be structured and presented in a format of Power Point slides.

Five tasks are required in this presentation to meet the basic LOs, including:

Task 1: Select a particular international company and choose one of countries in which it operates for analysis. Describe the background of the company and its industry.

Task 2: Using relevant models/frameworks, critically examine how contemporary drivers affect your chosen company’s international strategic business decisions (e.g., Yip’s framework etc.).

Task 3: Analyse the macro environment of your chosen country as a market where the selected company operates, applying the relevant frameworks (e.g., PESTLE etc.), and explain and discuss how the factor(s) might present an opportunity to the selected company or cause a threat to the company.

Task 4: Drawing on the output of Tasks 2 and 3, critically evaluate the attractiveness of the chosen country as a market (using e.g., Porter’s Diamond model), and then suggest a set of strategic recommendations to address the identified opportunities or threats (using e.g., SWOT/TOWS etc.).

Task 5: Critically evaluate the suggested recommendations, discussing their advantages and disadvantages, with particular relevance for the chosen market and country.


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