Module: Introduction to Marketing

Level 3- Assignment Guidelines ITM

1500- word count


Importance of Marketing

What topics you will cover within the assignment

Brief Summary (100 words)


Explain/Define what is meant by Marketing? (60 words).

Use sources from core and essential reading to help you concisely define and explain marketing.

Explain what is meant by Marketing Mix?  And Extended marketing mix

Discuss the considerations an organisation should give  for each of the 7Ps. Please use examples to illustrate your points. (240 words).

Consider here what is marketing mix and ‘extended’ marketing mix and address each of the 7Ps individually. Using core  and essential reading for each ‘P’ discuss what an organisation would consider and provide examples where appropriate. For example, when addressing ‘price’ how an organisation would be ensuring an appropriate pricing strategy which matches the target market. You could then develop this point and consider business examples. The CIM resource on the 7Ps (see Moodle) will help you here

Marketing and Competition

Explain SWOT Analysis

Explain how SWOT analysis can be used to understand competitive position within market (you can relate with any organisation) (Remember, SW is internal, and OT is external).   (275 words)

    • Define competitive environment and SWOT: Take note of internal and external element of it! (60 words)
    • Consider three strengths that an organisation may possess (and how these could help them gain competitive advantage in a market. Remember strengths are part of the internal business environment (115 words)
    • Consider two opportunities in the external business environment that can help an organisation create new marketing opportunities. Remember opportunities are part of the external business (100 words)

Ansoff Matrix

Describe/Explain what Ansoff Matrix is (75 words)

    • Describe Ansoff’s Growth Matrix by considering its purpose and four quadrants (75 words)

 Explain how Ansoff’s matrix can be used by an organization when entering a new market to provide solution to analyses their growth strategies?    (225 words)

    •  Select any 2 of the quadrants and explain how they can be used to help an organisation choose its growth strategy. Within this section consider if the quadrant refers to new or existing products and new or existing markets. Also, consider how risky each option is in terms    of growth of an organisation. (225 words)

Digital Marketing

Explain how an organisation can use digital marketing to grow on a global scale. (275 words)

    • Define and explain digital marketing. Use core and essential reading to help you with the   (65 words)
    • Refer to four digital marketing tools as discussed in lectures (roughly 53 words for each tool) and consider how they can improve performance and growth for an organisation.
    • Use business examples to help illustrate your (210 words)

You could use tools like Search Engine Optimization: Organic search, Paid Search: AdWords, Analytics (google, facebook etc, Social Media Marketing (PR and influencer, Email Marketing / Marketing Automation, Content Marketing


  • You should conclude by writing about what you explored in this assignment and why you explored this topic and how this can help organization’s achieve their marketing objectives. Overall, you should justify the purpose and findings of the report by providing a solution to a problem, answering a question, or providing insight into the marketing subject.


  • This is about using credible academic sources from mainly books and academic journal – use the core and essential reading to help guide your reading. Avoid sources such as Wikipedia as these are not credible sources for academic work.


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