Module: Introduction to the Built Environment

Essay, 3000 words

Assignment task(s) requirements:

As part of this assignment, you will prepare and submit an essay on the socio-economic impacts of the Construction Industry on local communities. You will investigate some construction projects including design processes used locally to describe how they affect the community. The essay should include a brief overview of some of those projects, as well as their general impacts on the community.  Your essay will include a range of projects within the construction industry. You have to keep in mind that a project selected outside of the construction industry will not be relevant to this assignment.

Using publicly available materials you should address the following areas:

  1. Investigate the various sectors of the built environment
  2. Select an example of a project
    • Provide a detailed background of the project
    • Describe the various types of activities that took place in the main phases of the project
    • Refer to the project lifecycle
  1. Identify the main professional bodies involved in the selected project
    • Define the roles and responsibilities of professional bodies in the selected project
  1. Highlight the benefits of the construction industry to the UK economy and local communities


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